The Best Mountain Bike Shoes to Buy in 2018

Mountain Bike Shoe Overview

They were built specifically for cycling and they have a variety of designs and the cyclist will buy them depending on the type and the intensity with which the cycling will entail. There are some components that make up a mountain bike shoe and they include; weight, rigidity, a more efficient transfer of power from the cyclist to the pedals, adaptability from use on and off the bicycle and a method of attaching the shoe firmly to the pedal.

The majority of mountain bike shoe can be easily adjusted with a quick adjusting system that replaces laces while they are still in use. The shoes are designed to work with clipless pedal systems that are temporarily connected in the shoe area and the pedal to ensure that there is an efficient power transfer using the cleat right at the bottom of each shoe and a matched fitting on the pedal. There are two types of clipless pedals and that includes the road and the mountain bike style.

The mountain bike style hit tends to use a small cleat that sits up inside the sole area of the shoe and it helps to provide the cyclist with a reasonable walking or running especially when it is dismounted. The road pedals it tends to use a wide cleat that makes walking for the cyclist be a tad bit difficult but it provides excellent power transfer from the shoe to the pedal and it is very comfortable especially on long rides.

The mountain bike shoe soles are usually divided into three categories and in inexpensive shoes, they usually use an injection molded plastic sole that is economical but it is a bit heavier and is prone to flexing. The mid range shoes are made using a combination of carbon fiber, plastic, and fiberglass or a totally all carbon fiber sole, the high-end shoes are all manufactured using carbon fiber shoes and the amount of tread and the sole material used in the manufacturing process affects the weight of the shoe.

The mountain bike shoe uses a two-slot cleat mounting system like casual cycling shoes but what sets them apart is the fact that they are a bit more aggressive and have a lugged outsole which helps to provide a better performance especially when a cyclist needs to get off the bike to run or to push or to be able to carry the bike and they allow an attachment of two screws in spikes to get more traction especially in steep and muddy trails.

Features of Mountain Bike Shoe

  • The bikes have torbal soles that help you transfer power in order to create a better protection to the feet area.
  • The Michelin tread helps to guide you into how you can grip the bike well.
  • The bikes have a two-part closure that ensures that your feet are secured and also allow you to fine tune it if you need to.
  • The rubber pad that is found right in the middle of the shoe in order to provide a much-needed traction especially in hard situations.

Advantages of Mountain Bike Shoes

Mountain bike shoes have stiffer soles that ensure that more efficient energy is transferred to the pedals because they create a better protection to the feet area while cycling and that helps the cyclist feel fewer cramps and fatigue.

The biking shoes since the soles are stiff the upper portion of the shoe is made with breathable materials such as mesh, vents which have been well designed in order to allow supply amount of air to circulate in the shoes while you are cycling.

The biking shoes have SPD compatibility which helps you to clip it on the clipless pedals and that helps you to create a no slipping especially when you are pushing down the pedals and this help you save energy when you are pushing and pulling the pedals.

The mountain bike shoes are designed in a perfect and neat way especially with a mesh and durable synthetic leather and that helps you to be able to ride on hard and heavy trails.

The mountain bikes are designed in such a way that they can be used in both the indoor cycling studios trainer and on a bicycle.

There are some mountain bike shoes that have lace straps that extend a little lower down the shoe for those with a low foot volume and this helps to provide adequate protection from the weather.


When cyclist are choosing their bike shoes most people do not measure their feet and just buy shoes that are not fitting or have the components that are needed to keep you safe on the road and that can be dangerous because you can get into an accident and it might be fatal.

There are some of the ratchet straps that do not extend a little lower to the shoe especially for those people who have low foot volume.

Examples of Mountain Bike shoes

Shimano ME7 MTB Shoe

This bike has a torbal sole that helps to give an excellent fore-aft stiffness in order to ensure that there is an effective power transfer and it also allows an additional torsional twist that helps you to be able to feel the movements of the bike while you are cycling. The Michelin tread on the shoes helps to guide you into gripping the tires well as well as pedal mechanism. It has a two-part closure that has a quick draw lace that is backed up with a ratchet upper strap that you can fine tune it and also provide excellent foot security.

Scott MTB Pro Shoe

The shoes are made with nylon and fiberglass composite and it is usually paired with a traditional buckle or a Velcro retention system. They have a plastic sole that is stiff enough to provide an efficient padding and has an insole that a cyclist can adjust to provide a better fit when needed. It has a ratchet strap that is bulky but it helps you to strap your feet securely inside the shoes and the low stack helps to bring your feet closer to the pedal and helps you as a cyclist to feel connected to the bike

North wave Extreme XC shoes

The bike shoes have a lightweight, durable upper and stiff carbon sole that push a lot of power through the pedals and it provides a quick and accurate Speed Lace Winch closure system and has dial closures that makes this shoes one of the best when it comes to cross and xc racing . These bike shoes have thermo welded panels that run all around the edge of the shoes to protect the upper part of it from abrasion. The rubber pad that is found right in the middle of the shoe in order to provide a much-needed traction especially in hard situations. The carbon fiber shoe and it was first formulated by the manufacturers in order to produce the lightest possible sole, it has a rubber slug that is found in the middle of the sole and it helps to add some grip.T he good thing about these shoes is that they come with a set of spikes. The Speed Lace Winch closure system helps to dial reel in a heat treated wax nylon cord and a quick release switch which can be pressed for micro adjustments. The well-padded tongue area of the shoe helps to distribute the pressure across the foot region and different dials can be cranked down without any discomfort.

Shimano AM9 SPD shoes

This shoe has a Velcro strap that helps you to strap down everything properly to prevent any movement especially when you want to power down. It has a raised heavily padded inside ankle that helps to prevent you hurting yourself when you want to clip it back in. The pedal channel is an extended clean pocket that was designed to help guide you back into the pedal when you had unclipped it and also guide you on aggressive tread sections on the toe and heal to groom you on how to handle them. This shoe has a secure fit that provides a lift on the heel area especially when you are walking and they provide enough room so that you feel comfortable even if you are on the bike for a long period of time.


The prices for mountain bike shoe will depend on what kind of features were put up by the manufacturer because it’ll determine whether the price of the shoes will be on the higher side or on the lower side. The pricing will also depend on whether the manufacturer offers free shipping on eligible orders. Therefore, it is recommended that you get to check out more information about prices on the Amazon site for more information.

Conclusion on Mountain Bike Shoe

While in the market and in need to purchase a mountain bike shoe please ensure that you choose one that suit your needs and preferences and which has are durable and comfortable. This will go on to ensure you have a great experience while riding your favorite bike.

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