Models & Sizes Disclaimer

We added accurate models, sizes for the products as found on Amazon listing when we created the articles. But as the manufacturer or merchant changes their product version, models frequently, it's very challenging to update information every day. We update articles on every 15 days. So if you found any information that is not matching with original information on Amazon, then please let us know via email we will make that accurate ASAP.

But also note that We find some products on Amazon site which has few models & sizes listed where the original manufacturer offered many sizes in their website

Review Disclosure

We are posting reviews of the product by confirming few things. To write the review of a product, we check features, metrics, expert opinion, verified customer reviews & own testing to find out the product positive & negative part. So the readers can get a clear view of the product what he/she is looking for. But we also believe the product benefits & drawback are dependable on customers how they use it. So we cannot guarantee that all customers or buyers will experience the same for the specific product.

Availability & Discount Disclaimer

We BikesGuider team are not responsible for product availability & discount percentage. If the product is not available on Amazon, you can wait up to when the product available again on Amazon. Also, you can purchase same product from other sellers on Amazon, but the price could be varied.

For discount, we are not responsible. The merchant can change their discount policy any time. So we don't provide any guarantee for that. You can check the discount % on pricing when you choose to buy from Amazon or any other platform.

Price Disclosure

We can't put the actual price for the products as because the price can change any time on Amazon; also you should be noticed that the price is not same from all seller who are selling the same product. Everyone is selling the same product at a different price. Most of the time product selling at the higher price than regular price just because of shortage the product. I think you also know the law about Demand & Supply. If supply is low than demand, then the product price goes higher than usual.

Only for that, we are simply using price range to get you an overview or idea of pricing i.e. Best MTB under $1000 & $ ,$$, $$$, $$$$, $$$$+

Are you familiar with this price scale?

  • $ - [ Cheap - Around $100 - $300 ]
  • $$ - [ Fairly chap - Around $310- $599 ]
  • $$$ - [ Moderate - Around $600 - $1500 ]
  • $$$$ - [ Fairly Moderate - Around $1501 - $2500 ]
  • $$$$+ [ Expensive - $2501+ ]

Image Disclosure

The images are used in the post of this site are taken from paid stock photo service, manufacturer website & also Amazon site stripe method. We have permission from the manufacturer to use their product photo in our posts. If you need to know anything about Images, then please contact us

Accuracy Disclaimer

This site created for helping purpose & while we try our best to be accurate. The articles & writers are not liable for any omissions or inaccuracy. However, we try to keep all articles up to date. If you find any backdated or false information, then please notify us via email to or

Why did you let me know about it?

It’s because we want to be honest with visitors. In my opinion, the best way to gain trust from your page visitors is to be 100% transparent, and this is precisely what I’m currently doing. So please let me know if you find any error or wrong information.

Earnings Disclaimer

As stated before when you purchase anything after clicking on our product links we receive a small amount of commission. Though this commission we forward to build a better site for help the cyclist community all over the world. We use that money on web hosting, stock photos, proofreaders to check our articles texts etc.

If you don't feel comfortable with the product you bought, you can return it. If you returned, then we lose that commission. Because of that, we are doing our best to recommend the valuable product according to your style of cycling that will provide the real value for the money you spent.

Affiliate Disclosure

BikesGuider is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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