If you want to rule the trail or mountain path by bicycle, then you will need a bike that can roll over the obstacle with ease on this rough terrain. In that case, Mountain bike is the best solution. This bike is specially made for off-road & rough trail riding. This bike has similarities with other types of bikes available in the market. But the design is especially focused on durability & performance as you going to ride on rough terrains.

​Mountain bikes are made with high-quality equipment to last for a long time after you purchase. It has dual suspension or front suspension fork to absorb socks on bumpy terrain. That's why MTBs are considerable as comfort bike than other types of bikes.

​Durable wheels & rims with knobby tires easily run over any obstacles on off-road & trails. So you can ride uphill & downhill easily using front & rear gears. To make you fearless while riding it has powerful braking system like disc brake or rim brake to stop on a dime in any condition. So there is less chance to get damaged & psychically injured.


​You can use this MTBs almost all purpose. Over the last few years, these bikes are getting more popular to the city dwellers for many reasons. Its best for off-road, trail ride & many other streets commuting like - Office transport, college transport, grocery shop, etc.

According to the rider height bike manufacturer making many sizes like small/medium/large/x-large to full fill all size of riders demands. If you still having problem to choose the right bike, then you can check our buying guides & individual bike reviews as per budget & riding style.​


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