7 Best Mountain Bikes Under 300 Dollars | Reviewed & Compared!

The Best Mountain Bikes Under 300 dollars to buy

Bicycling is good for health, good for the environment, a great option to move faster than walking & more enjoyable than car driving. Buying a new mountain bike is always a difficult process so that’s why we make it easy for you.

With many years of experience in testing and reviewing mountain bikes, we give you our top recommendations. And with that said, we believe that  All your riding problems have just come to an end.

We have shortlisted for you the below breed of best mountain bikes under 300 dollars. The listed bikes are affordable and have many features that any top rated bike needs, including you. In the below, we will empower you to select a really good MTB (1) bargain.

Best Mountain Bikes Under 300


Merax Finiss 26 Inch 21 Speed Mountain Bike

Merax Finiss 26 Review


Mountain Bikes Below $300 – Comparison

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Best Mountain Bikes Under 300 Dollars – Reviews

To help you to select the best mountain bike for the beginner level riding experience, I have researched a lot & compiled a list of affordable mountain bikes below 300 dollars. Just read through the full MTB review, it should help you land your first mountain bike within the low to a mid-range budget.

Listed product price was under $300 at the time of writing this article


1. Merax Finiss 26 Inch

Merax Finiss 26” Aluminum Bike
Click on the image to check the bike’s price

I have to say that it wasn’t easy to find and then decide on the best hardtail mountain bike for a budget of less than 300 USD. It is probably what most entry-level riding people would spend on a bike and we needed to ensure that you get value for money. But we wanted to ensure that you have a choice and a selection of features from different bikes.

We believe we found the best bike within the above price range in the Merax Finiss 26” Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike. What we really liked is that it has very good Disc Brakes, and that is probably one of the most important points in choosing a bike. If you can’t break effectively, then you may have an accident. So breaking is critical.

This does not mean we undermine other criteria, but we wanted to start our selection with the best breaking system. We’ll tell you about other features as we continue this review.

Having excellent brakes make the selection task much easier. Now, I can safely say, and that without describing the other features that this bicycle is the real deal. If your needs are to not spend lots of bucks and still feel secure, then it surely will never disappoint you.

The bike has got really good reviews which will comfort you in your selection. It is also certainly one of the most selling mountain bikes for the beginner below $300. I think you are going to love it, it is classy and well-designed offer.

Who is this bike designed for

The bike is for sure a good off-road bike. In fact, some reviews say that it is one of the best 26-inch hardtail mountain bike currently available in the market. The apparent off-road prowess is also complemented by the fact that it also provides a good and smooth ride on the road. This bike is made for anyone who is average in height. And that is important for you to note. If you are tall or short in height, then this bike may not be good for you.

Features & Specification Merax finiss 26 Inch
  • Kenda Tyre
  • 26-inch Wheel
  • Dual Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • 21 Speed with the nice Shimano EF51 Shifters
  • Aluminum Hardtail Frame
  • Double Wall Aluminum Rims
  • 80 mm Front Suspension Fork
  • Water Bottle mount & Kickstand Included

Core Features:

I will use three words to describe the core features of this bike. It is Light, Fast and beautiful. This is precisely what makes it different from the rest. This bike comes with a water bottle mount installed, which is a feature I like, though not necessary for professionals, it is always good to have when practicing. Now here are the Pros and Cons summarised for you.


  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • 80 mm suspension fork
  • Decent bike for the money
  • Lightweight Aluminum Mountain Frame
  • 21-speed Shimano Derailleurs and Gear Shifters
  • 26″ Wheels for easier rolling with double wall aluminum Rims


  • The seat is small for big bodied riders.
  • Some parts need adjustment by professional, but you’ll learn the tricks


Final Impression:

With the above features, a high number of Pros, and a low number of Cons, you are going to enjoy this bike. I am sure that you’ll conclude that this is one of the best 26″ mountain bike below 300 dollars currently available on the market currently. You’ll potentially fall in love with it. And considering the price tag – it’s an excellent package. All in all, you’ll feel it is great value for the money.



2. Mongoose Impasse HD 29 Inch

Mongoose Impasse HD 29 MTB
Click on the image to check the bike’s price

We selected this bike as our second pick for the taller person. If you are tall, then you can buy without worrying about your height. This 29″ bike is specifically designed for you. The Mongoose Impasse HD 29” Wheels is made for, thought-of by and designed to ensure tall people do not feel left alone. This is basically the best quality mountain bike for tall guys under 300 bucks. It comes with a 21-speed range and is reliable and durable.  These three main features are what makes this bike interesting. The reason is that if you are tall, you are likely to weigh much more than other bikers. So you need a durable two-wheeler.  But you also need reliability and finally speed to overtake your friends and reach the line first. Here is more information on this bike.

Who is this bike designed for

As I said above, the bike is sturdy and strong enough to handle heavy riders weight. It is also the best fit for the taller man. So for the tall men who love mountain riding, this bike is just what you’ve been waiting for to accomplish your mountain riding dreams and fantasies. But a strong and tall lady can always handle this bike too. Many female friends I know use it because it’s not that hard to handle. This bike is simply designed for mountain riding.

Features & Specification
  • Dual Disc Brakes
  • Quick Wheel release
  • 29-inch Alloy Wheel
  • 21 wide Gear range with SRAM Shifters
  • Hardtail Bike
  • ELEMENT Suspension Fork
  • Mongoose Aluminum  Mountain Frame
  • Has Water Bottle Holder place on the Frame

Core Features:

As per our previous pick, it is sold at a reasonable price, has a great design appearance, comes with quality & durability in mind. All of these features make this bike pretty good. When compared to the other bikes, this is the one that you should go for if you are tall. There is a couple of 29er MTB under $300 price range, but none that come close to this one. Again, I want to make sure that the message is clear, the 29-inch wheels are perfect for the taller men.


  • Comfortable seat
  • 21 speeds to run fast with a 29-inch wheel
  • Both side disc brakes for maximum stopping power.
  • Aluminum  Mountain Frame to handle heavyweight
  • Element suspension fork in front for smooth riding on rough terrain.
  • SRAM Twist Shifters with Shimano rear derailleur for smooth shifting


  • Need to adjust the disc brake at times
  • You may need to go to the nearest shop for proper assembly.


Final Impression:

This is a nice bike, one that will for sure not disappoint you in your riding endeavors. This is one of the best 29er hardtail mountain bikes for taller guys below $300 with 21 speed. It is just the ideal bike for any men and will perform almost on any terrain. Excellent deal on a high-quality bike. Note that there is a version that cost more than 300 USD. You can look at it, but it does not have much more features than the one we have described.


3. Schwinn High Timber 27.5″

Schwinn High Timber MTB
Click on the image to check the bike’s price

The bike is quite cheap but still, offers the features found in other expensive bikes. The Schwinn High Timber 27.5 Hardtail Mountain Bike is a bike made for your mountain riding, but less so for the road. It is not a hybrid bike where you can exercise in the hills and then take it to cycle to work. Please do not get me wrong here. It is a really good bike for cycling in trails, but on the road, it is kind of using a Ferrari on a 30 miles speed limit so to speak.

You can count on this bike as being an entry-level hardtail 27.5 mountain bike that is less than 300 dollars. And that just because it performs. Let’s get going with the main bike’s features.

Who is this bike designed for

This budget bike is designed for mountain riders who are not happy to ride in 26-inch mountain bike. Simple, isn’t it? Yeah, you can definitely count on the 27.5″ alloy wheels. I have to say that it’ll provide you a safe entry into mountain riding life. As I said, if you are looking for a bike for riding in town, we do not believe this the best one for that. But you can still use it for road, though you’ll miss out on off-road fun. The bike is near perfection for all, but we feel it has been mainly put together by men and for men. The reason is that at times it may be difficult to ride with it on the trails. No offense to our female riders, but there are bikes that seem not suitable for you. Please do not get this the wrong way, we want what is best for both male and female bikers. That’s all that we want. Note that it has two gorgeous colors, and these will appeal to all.

Features & Specification
  • 27.5″ Alloy Wheel
  • Linear pull Alloy V Brakes
  • Lifetime Support by Schwinn
  • 21 speeds with Shimano Gear changer
  • Hardtail Frame
  • 3 piece Alloy Crank
  • New Schwinn Mountain Frame
  • Schwinn  Front Suspension Fork

Core Features:

We have to accept that this MTB is versatile for off-road use and less so for cities. It can still be used as a mountain rider or for the more occasional offroad event. It’ll give your kids fun and they’ll spend energy on it knowing it is not a cheap bike. The splendid colors will also be of interest to them as they like to be seen. It has 21 speed and is made for the people who do not really like to have a 26″ bike.


  • 21 speeds to move fast
  • Alloy made 27.5-inch wheels
  • You can install a water bottle holder.
  • Shimano twist shifters for quick gear shifting
  • Alloy V brakes for maximizing stopping power
  • Schwinn hardtail frame & suspension fork for controlled riding


  • A little bit heavier for some riders
  • You may need professional assembly & tuning.


Final Impression:

Let me say this. What are you still waiting for? I mean this is a great bike with 27.5-inch wheels for casual offroad ride & exercise. It’s comfy, affordable and durable making this bike enviable by all. It is a decent bike for the occasional ride for a low price. I mean what more do you need? The bike is cheap, functional, nice colors and not too cheap too. You’ll make a grand entry into the mountain riding lifestyle if you get it.

Check The Price  Read Full Review

4. Kent Thruster T-29″

Kent Thruster T-29 Hardtail MTB
Click on the image to check the bike’s price

We spoke about the Mongoose Impasse HD 29 Inch for the taller riders. Well, here is another 29″ bike which is perfect for a tall-bodied or heavier person. If you are a tall person then I think Kent Thruster T-29 Inch Hardtail Mens Mountain Bike is just your ideal bike. I mean the price is relatively low compared to the undeniable greatness of this bike. Read more to know more about it. And yes, the Mongoose is great, but this one too. We could not leave it out of the best MTBs for less than 300 USD list.

Who is this bike designed for

This bike is specifically designed for tall individuals who want to enjoy mountain riding. So, if you are planning to start mountain riding, this is probably one of the best MTBs choices. As I said, this bike can be used by anyone but mostly tall/heavier individuals. If you are looking for a superbike, then this one could be it. It still can be utilized as a  gift, but when you’ll get it posted to you, you’ll not want to gift it away. So do not open the packaging.

Features & Specification
  • 29 Inch Wheels
  • 21 Speed Drivetrain
  • 85 percent Assembled
  • Dual Rim Linear Pull Brake
  • Shimano RS25 Shifters and TZ31 Derailleurs
  • Hardtail Bike
  • knobby Tires Included
  • Comes with a kickstand
  • Lightweight 6061 Aluminum Frame
  • 170mm Crankset with 28, 38, 48 Tooth Rings

Core Features:

This is a bike you can use in all terrains. Comes 85% assembled. This is definitely for someone who does not have great handy skills. So entry level riders do not need to worry about assembling the bike. You just need to perform a few adjustments to make this bike ready for the road and trails. To add to this, the bike is comfortable and easy to handle. It is a great mountain bike, cheap, almost fully assemble and made for the tall/heavier person.


  • It comes with a kickstand
  • Comes with dual rim linear pull brake
  • 29er wheels perfect for a tall-bodied person
  • Lightweight alloy 29-Inch rims better than steel rims
  • Build with lightweight 6061 heat treated sturdy aluminum hardtail frame
  • Shimano RS25 shifters and TZ31 derailleurs ensure an accurate and crisp drivetrain


  • The bike is comfortable but the seat not really
  • Need to replace pedal


Final Impression:

Nowadays it’s hard to find a bike that built and assembled by the manufacturer. This is where this bike is great. It allows you to get the bike, and within an hour you are out there enjoying riding it. You do not need the whole day to understand how the puzzle work to assemble your bike like the other sets we described above. So if you are not great with your hands and prefer to enjoy your bike almost right away, then this bike is for you. It has some outstanding features & excellent performance. This makes the bike one of top rated 29-inch hardtail mountain bikes on the market for less than 300 dollars. And it includes a 21 gear shifter. So you can consider it as being a safe buy.

But, please note that this bike is mainly perfect for taller/heavier guys. So if you are a little shorter in height, I would restrain from buying this MTB. You’ll find it uncomfortable. Again, there are other great choices for shorter riders, all built with 26 inch – 27.5 inch wheels.



5. Diamondback Octane 24″

Diamondback Octane 24 Kids Bike
Click on the image to check the bike’s price

If you are looking for one of the cheapest mountain bikes for your kids and have them share the experience, then you can safely choose the Diamondback Octane 24 Inch Boys Hardtail Mountain Bike. It is one of the safest 24-inch kids mountain bikes under 300 dollars and it comes with 21 speed.

I am sure that your children will love the superb features. It is of a favorable size for kids and this is a feature that set this bike apart from the others. Below are the reasons why so many people are into it.

Who is this bike designed for

This bike is best for your little ones or growing kids. It will give them the opportunity to go on mountain riding with you and have them share the experience. This bike will get your kids out and have them enjoy the beauty of nature. But it will also allow you to spend more time with them without forcing them either. I mean, we all know that children want their independence. But we, as parents, want to spend as much time with them. So we need to find activities that we can share together. And bike riding is one of these activities that you do not have to force your child to practice. It is in their blood, their genes and their need to get out there to prove that they can ride.

Features & Specification
  • 24-inch Wheels
  • Number of Speed 21
  • Mechanical Rim Brake
  • Perfect age range 9 – 12 years
  • Front Suspension Fork
  • Great Bike at a reasonable price.
  • 6061 Heat Treated Hardtail Frame
  • Best Mountain Bike for Kids at $300

Core Features:

This bike comes with a 21.4 inches’ inseam length. It is only 37 pounds in weight, so it is light enough for your child to ride and lift. The question is: Is there any other lighter mountain bike for growing kids below $300? There surely be one out there, but with the above features, well that’s hard to come by. The light weight makes it perfect for the little ones from 9-12 years to control the MTB easily.


  • 24-inch wheels better for Growing kids.
  • Front Suspension Fork for a smooth ride
  • Almost 80% assembled & tools included.
  • Great stopping power with Mechanical rim brake
  • Built with 6061 heat treated aluminum hardtail alloy frame
  • It has Shimano 7-speed drive train up to 21-speed gear range


  • Only one size is available.
  • No Kickstand is available. You have to add it yourself.


Final Impression:

Now, it’s time to share the experience with your growing kids. Get your child one of this bikes and get to witness the huge transition of your child in his attitude towards you and your friends. He’ll have plenty of stories to tell. So you’ll be able to engage with him more often on a subject he likes. You can give this two-wheeler to the little ones as a gift on Birthday or any special day. Incredible features make this Diamondback Octane 24 Inch Hardtail Mountain Bike one of the best 24-inch kids mountain bikes under 300 bucks.

Check The Price  Read Full Review

6. Kawasaki DX226FS 26″



Kawasaki DX226FS Full Suspension Bike
Click on the image to check the bike’s price

The Kawasaki DX226FS Dual Suspension Bike is just what you need to get to a flying start as a trail biker. You’ll be experiencing nature in a way that’ll make you not only love it but also enable you to create long lasting memories. This bike provides you with the entry level into the mountain riding life. I have to say that this bike is a pure piece of brilliance, a masterpiece ideal for a beginner. I am not even clear why we voted it to be number 6 on our list. It is too good to be here, but hey, I promised my team that I am not moving it up the hierarchy. And I am not going to do it now. What a shame. Anyway, you can get to know more about this bike if you want to take mountain riding as a hobby with the below review.

Who is this bike designed for

This bike is designed for any beginner level mountain riders. If you love mountain riding and are new to it, then you need a perfect start. This bike has been made for that particular kick start in this sport. This MTB will work for all, be it male or female. And it can be used for other activities on or off the road. The bike also comes in either silver or black colors. I like the silver one.

Features & Specification
  • 21- Speed
  • 26-inch Wheels
  • Disc Brake in Front
  • Shimano Shifters & Derailleur
  • Full Suspension
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Great Sporty Look
  • Seat & Wheel Quick Release

Core Features:

This is a great looking 26-inch full suspension bike that has a grand design. The design makes it look like a $1000 valued mountain bike. That’s why I am annoyed it is in the sixth position. It has valuable features that ensure excellent performance. This bike will be a good performer on trails and roads.


  • Disc brake works perfectly
  • Quick release front wheel and seat
  • Great bike with complementary looks
  • Aluminum frame with 26″ wheels fit for average riders.
  • 21- speed makes it very fast & Smooth gear shifting by Shimano “Revo” twist Shifters


  • Cheap pedal with replacing metal ones.
  • Need professional assembly.


Final Impression:

The features are just right for any beginner level mountain riders. Regarding the lightweight frame, dual suspension, and awesome looks make it one of the best mountain bikes below $300 with 26″ wheels. It’s a great deal for those who want to go for trail rides with a great looking and performing mountain bike. You probably would like to own one of this, well I personally think you are right.


7. Nashbar 17″ Flatbar Disc Road 700c Women’s Hybrid

Nashbar 17 Flatbar Disc Road 700c Women's Hybrid review
Click on the image for more information and pricing

I think it would have been unfair for us to only list male only bikes. We selected this MTB because we simply love it. If you’re looking for a bike for your partner first ride that wouldn’t empty your saving account but still offer great features then this bike should be on your choice list. Nashbar 17″ flatbar Mountain Bike is a great bike. MTB often must have some interesting feature to be able to handle the mountain environment with ease. This bike probably has one of the best combinations of features to make your partner’s mountain riding success and enjoyable.

To have the needed features and still be affordable is not an easy combination to have. It seems that female MTBs are more expensive and that some of the bikes have fewer features than male ones. Well, I am happy to say that this is not the case for this MTB. It provides the user flexibility and I have used it myself. I found it great. Read on to learn more this incredible unisex MTB.

Who is this bike designed for

This bike is designed for women lovers of mountain riding and beginners. This bike is going to blow you away. It’s a great female MTB with 3×8 speed front derailleur. It provides the ability to be used by anyone. The probability of hating this bike is close to impossible, I mean it only offers you things to love, meaning all can use this bike to make ourselves happy.

Features & Specification
  • Quick release Brakes
  • Steel fork rigid
  • 17″ Wheels
  • Shimano 3 x 8s Drivetrain.

Core Features:

This hardtail bike is a great value for money. outstanding features and Shimano components of the bike are durable and have excellent trail feedback. Comes with 17″ wheels to cross over any obstacle with ease.


  • The steel frame offers an excellent mix of durability
  • The brakes provide maximum stopping power.
  • 17″ MTB Steel hardtail frame is incredibly durable
  • 17″ wheels are a bit small, but still, they allow you to roll over bumpy single-track with ease
  • 8×3 speed Shimano drivetrain provides power to get up hills with ease.


  • Not too heavy but still a bit much for some riders
  • Professional assembly required.


Final Impression:

Beside these cons which are somehow not too important, this bike is sturdy, equipped with beautiful frames, conventional components. And it made it in our list of top bikes though it is still quite new. Overall, this is a good value mountain bike less than 300 bucks all for women.

Check The Price  Read Full Review


After you went through the above best mountain bikes under 300 dollars review, I feel that you are ready to purchase your dreamed bike? My team and I have researched & spent lots of hours to make this list for you to help find the good mountain bikes under 300 bucks.  If you are still confused about how to select the best one for you among all 7 top-rated mountain bikes reviews then I can help you a little bit more on taking the proper decision to select your desired bicycle.

Significant features, great look, impressive performance & affordable pricing makes Merax Finiss 26 Inch Mountain Bike TOP PICK in the list of cheap mountain bike under $300. But please note that all other listed bikes are not craps. These bikes are also some of the greatest performers currently available on the market.  With these bikes, everyone who loves riding should be able to win one.

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