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Here at BikesGuider, we don’t:

  • We don’t want sale bikes.
  • Never ask for donations or fees.
  • Don’t offer any subscription to see the magic.
  • Getting money from the manufacturer by promoting products.
  • Don’t have any ads.


Are you doing all for free?

Absolutely NO. To investigating, testing, analyzing, researching, contacting & writing reviews need money & manpower.

Then how we make money right?

Well, as you noticed to research, review & maintain the website we need money. To make over this cost we are doing affiliate marketing. Here you can read more about Affiliate Marketing.

BikesGuider is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Many of our products that we reviewed are listed on Amazon. You also notice that we have added the Amazon link with products we discussed in our review articles. When you buy any product clicking that links we receive a small percentage as commission. This commission helps us to cover the minimum maintenance cost for the website we running & produce more unbiased reviews. This means that while we would certainly like you to ultimately purchase something from Amazon, we have no bias towards which specific product you choose.

Guest Posts – Can I Write For You?

Yes! I want to hear your stories. I am highly interested in publishing your stories as the guest post on our website BikesGuider. There is no Limit about the article type; this could be – educational, funny, traditional, etc. Please submit your biking related articles at or

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