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We are an informational website that provides detailed information about bicycles. This includes accessories, parts & resources.

At BikesGuider.com, our aim is to make this site the best resources for all sort of bikes, brands, and novel ideas.

We want you to have the best ever bike information on the internet including lots of bike reviews, accessories, tips & tricks.

Why BikesGuider & how it helps you?

I am sure that you’ll agree with me that when you search online for a bike review, then you’ll find tons of reviews from the internet.

And you might be confused to see all of the results.

In fact, you may find it almost impossible to go through all the reviews & selecting the best one for you.

But here is another Scenario for you.

The local shop scenario

When you go to your local bike shop for buying a mountain bike according to your budget, you may have a very little number of bikes and brands to choose from.

You may also feel that there is a lack of spare parts and accessories that you can’t get your hands on.

And the shop owner knows this.

Regrettably, some shop owners will discuss the different bikes he has with you.

And the more he speaks with you, the more you’ll feel pressurized by the shop keeper to buy a certain brand instead of another one.

And that’s just because the local shop owner does not have the brand you wanted initially.

Do you want to buy a different brand?

Unfortunately, because you are a nice person, you’ll feel compelled to buy something from your local shop.

But at the time you are visiting the local bike shop, you probably do not have enough information about the different products you are being presented with.

The shop keeper does not have the bike you want.

And he proposes another brand. But you do not have enough knowledge about the brand he is offering. As such, you are not able to make the appropriate informed decision.

At the same time, the pressure will mount on you to buy the bike. The shop keeper will try to sell you something even if it is a lower type and quality cycle.

You need to realize that the shop keeper’s job is to sell.

So he needs to pressurize you to close the sell. And he’ll use all of the techniques he was taught to do so.

Basically, you’ll end up buying a bike and a couple of weeks later you’ll be saying to yourselves why did I do that.

What can happen to you at the local shop?

As I said above, sometimes when you buy a bike without the right information at your local shop, the bike in question may end up not being fit for you.

In fact, you’ll probably end up with a bike that will not last for long (or the other way around).

And you’ll not have it replaced.

Is that what you want?

The decision is really hard in this case, as if you are like me, then you want to help the local economy.

But for certain things, the local shop may not be the best solution.

What do I believe in?

I strongly believe in the circular and local economy.

If you buy from a small local shop, then automatically you are participating in developing the local economy.

Why is that? Because the owner of the local shop will surely buy locally too. So the money you invested locally will hopefully be used locally.

Now, I’d like to repeat myself. In the above local shop scenario, I didn’t say that all the shop keepers will pressurize you at any opportunity.

Far from this.

But I believe that if you have very little knowledge of bikes, then you may end up buying something that does not suit your needs, your personality and your wallet.

On the other hand, if you know about bikes, then you’ll be able to buy safely at your local shop or anywhere else.

So why did I create the bikesguider.com site?

Simply because I strongly believe that knowledge is power. And I really want to empower you to make the right decision.

This is exactly why I put together this site together.

It is to empower you to buy the bike that you like, at the price you can afford and the quality you always wanted.

By writing detailed reviews, then I am directly empowering you as you’ll have the right information to buy your bike.

And if you’re novice like I was a long time ago, then I feel it’s much better for you to purchase online (like I did).

Why buying bikes and parts online?

In an online scenario, you’ll be able to read reviews from people who have tried the product you want.

You’ll have plenty of online feedback to read from.

You’ll learn many different tricks and solutions that you did not know about.

And you’ll also have a much wider number of bikes to choose from.

The good news is that all reviews and feedback are made through a number of verified customers who have bought the product.

Obviously, you’ll have different opinions on a number of aspects, but the fact is that you’ll have the information to hand.

You’ll have the time to read and then make an informed decision.

And this is where you’ll be fully empowered. No selling tricks, no pressurize, it is just you and your computer. You read, learn and finally act on the product you want.

You’re done.

The final point about BikesGuider

I put together this site so you can get off all the embarrassing situations and pressures that you get when facing a salesman.

I want to save you time and efforts to choose your favorite bike, accessories, and parts.

This is why I and my team are constantly building and developing this informational site.

I truly want to help you get the best possible bike currently available for the money you have and the brand you want as well as with the quality you deserve.

What we want at BikesGuider is to ensure that listed bikes & accessories on our site are top-notch quality.

And I can personally tell you that we don’t compromise with products quality at any cost.

We are trying to cover each & every part of bike & accessories reviews & make a detailed guideline to help the visitors.

We’re covering most of the valuable parts like below

Here is what we cover. And we will continue to add articles, posts, review, and other bits and pieces just to please you and your needs.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading our articles and that we can share more information with you. Keep coming back.

We love you and love everyone who loves bikes, no matter how small, big, medium, weird, nice, ugly, colorful one you have. We simple sleep and live bikes.

Here is what we cover:

  • Which type of bike should you buy?
  • What should be the bike price range?
  • What’s the best bike model for your needs?
  • What kind of riding can you do on a bike?
  • What’s the proper size to look for?
  • What to consider when buying a bike?

My final point is to say that our main aim is to help you to find the best cheap bike.

From bikes to bike accessories and parts, we will help you to get physically fit and reach mental satisfaction that you have never reached before. And this is without costing lots of bucks from your bank account.

Timothy E. Wilson,
Owner of BikesGuider

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