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Hello Everyone, Thanks for stopping by BikesGuider.com We are an informational website to provide in detail information about bicycles including accessories & resources.

At BikesGuider.com we are making this site as the best resources for all sort of bike information on the internet including lots of bike reviews, accessories, tips & tricks.

Why BikesGuider & how it helps you?

You will agree with me, that when you search online for a bike review then you’ll find tons of reviews from the internet. You might confuse to see the result as it’s not possible to go through all the reviews & selecting the best one for you.

Another Scenario, When you go your local bike shop for buying a mountain bike according to your budget, you’ve to be more careful as because few shop keepers try to take advantages of the new cyclist by selling them poor quality cycle. Which is not fit for them & last for a while. But I believe in the local economy. If you buy from there then automatically you are participating in developing the local economy. I didn’t say that all the shop keeper like this. So if you have little bit knowledge about bicycles then you should go to the local shop & make a purchase.

But if you’re novice then it’s better to purchase from online by reviewing product feedback by verified customers for the same product.

So to get off all the embarrassing situation & save readers time, We are building this informational site to help you get the best one currently available. We also ensure that listed bikes & accessories on our site are top-notch quality. We don’t compromise with products quality at any cost.

We are trying to cover each & every part of bike & accessories reviews & make a detailed guideline to help the visitors.

We’re covering most of the valuable parts like below

  • Which type of bike should you buy?
  • What should be the bike price range?
  • What’s the best bike model for your needs?
  • What kind of riding can you do on a bike?
  • What’s the proper size to look for?
  • What to consider when buying a bike?


Our main aim is to help you to find the best cheap bike, also bike accessories that will help you to get physically fit & mental satisfaction without costing lots of bucks from your bank account.


Thanks !
Timothy E. Wilson,
Owner of BikesGuider

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