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Tutorial to make a stationary

Many people may want to continue riding their bikes when forces of nature act as hindrances; an example is when there are storms and rain. Well, worry not, you only have to set up a few simple structures at home, and you will be riding in no time. You can make it easier if you know how to make a bike stationary for exercise.

Many people would opt for the opportunity to start riding a bike indoors, especially when the cost is quite affordable to everyone. Following these simple steps will bring you one step closer to building the bike rollers and stands and continue exercising at home.

How to Make a Bike Stationary for Exercise at Home

So if you are seeking ways of working inside without necessarily having to remove any money from your pockets for the monthly gym fees, while managing to work in your comfort zone at home and keeping tabs on your kids or TV shows, there’s a good chance you have come to the right place.

 Method on How to Make a Bike Stationary 

  1. Bicycle Rollers
  2. Bike Trainers
DIY Stationary Exercise Bike Stand

Method one – Bicycle Rollers

Rollers have the added advantages of being faster, quite engaging and all you have to do is just place the bike right and begin. The workouts will also engage the whole body.

Some people may find the cost a bit off-putting as it goes for two hundred dollars, but the quality is worth the price.

Step One

To set this up, first, you need to find a place in your home that has some space that can fit the bike and the stand. It will work better in a place near a wall where there is some stuff.

Locate an area eight feet wide and one foot longer than the bike to place the rollers. The area will be so much better if it’s an open and free space.

In some cases, you may fall, so you need to place it in an area that has either rags, mats or something cushion to either break your fall or to reduce injuries. The spot should also be level.

Step Two

Begin by laying the stand pieces just the way you would prefer them to be. The roller’s longest side should be placed only six inches apart from the wall. This is to enable one to support oneself against the wall to steady oneself.

Begin by placing your bike near the wall, just between the roller device and the wall. This will enable you to set the rollers the next step. All this is done by measuring the distance on your bike, just between the two axles.

Step Three

While moving, the front tire will start running on top of the front roller. In general, though, the center and back rollers should each be under the back axle about two to three inches to the front and back of it, putting the back wheel to rest on the top and inside of both rollers equally.

Now place the bike on top of the rollers and support yourself on the wall. Slowly begin cycling, keeping in mind that this may take time before getting the hang of it. Indoor cycling and outdoor cycling may be a bit different, and you may lose balance and fall off the bike but not to worry, if you place some pillows there, it will prevent any injuries.

Method Two – Bike Trainers

A bike trainer is just a stand that supports the hind wheel of the bicycle above the floor to enable it to turn freely. The rear wheel is placed on a roller which is on a flywheel. The majority of cycle trainers allow people to remove the bike in case they want to resume riding outdoors.

It enables the smooth transition from outdoors to indoors.

Step One

You should begin by locating the bike trainer at an approximate distance of six feet lengthwise and four feet widthwise. First, use a wrench to loosen the bolts. This will enable you to remove the back axle of the bike.

Locate the back wheel in the middle, between the trainers. The back side should be close to the trainer near the roller. You should make sure that the holes are in line with the metal spikes found on the inner trainer’s frame. The trainer’s axle should be placed inside the back wheel’s hole.

Another important thing is to ensure the bike is safely placed on the trainer. This is achieved by tightening the knobs found on the frame of the trainer. The roller should be touching the back tire. You should observe the stance from a distance to ensure that the bike is safely and correctly placed.

Step Two

The bike may sometimes move when it is being ridden at topmost speed. It is important to ensure that the bike can allow some movement but it should still be sturdy enough to support you during your exercise as you carry on.

The good thing is that this type of trainer has stabilizing bars, so you will be able to balance and avoid any wobbling evenly. The rollers have no stabilizing bars, so the balance issues are a bit. Just get on the bike to test out its sturdiness and tension, adjusting when it’s not comfortable.

You may not get the hang of it at first, so don’t be in a hurry, just take it slow.


  • Your bike should have smooth like tires to be used indoors. So if your bike has rough-like tires, then you may have to change them so they can be utilized efficiently.
  • The two most popular bike stands that can be used at home include the trainer and the roller bike stand.


  • When you are riding indoors, the rollers will become hot depending on the vigorous exercises that you do, so please refrain from touching them, especially immediately after you’ve done the exercises.
  • Some people may perspire a lot after vigorous exercises. It would be safe to keep some cloth around to soak in the sweat that may drip to the floor to prevent slipping and falling.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: What equipment do I need to make this indoor stand?

Answer: All you need is a cycling trainer and a bicycle that can have fast release wheels.

Are you still thinking about to make a bike stationary for exercise at home? Did you get your answer on how to make a stationary bike? Maybe YES. If so then I would be happy more than you as because my writing is helping someone by providing information. Please leave your thoughts about this article to inspire me writing more article like this for the cyclist all over the world.


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Last Updated: 04.10.2018

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