Retrospec Beaumont 7: The Best Recumbent Bike For Seniors Ladies

The Retrospec Beaumont 7 is simply one of the Best Recumbent Bike For Seniors Ladies. Yes, and I say it again, one of the best. There is another one that we really like for ladies, that is the sixthreezero.

As we get older people, we look forward to owning a bicycle that covers all our needs for softness and comfort. These two main features are usually not found on many conventional bicycles. But Retrospec Beaumont 7 has managed to cover these two main expectations.

The bicycle Retrospec company has been focused on developing bikes for seniors for the second time. The first was with Retrospec Harper who had a 50-50 in positive and negative reviews, though it is a fantastic bike. But be careful the retrospect harper is for men, while this one is for women.

Nevertheless, this brought us to ask: “are retrospect bikes good?”. Well, the response from retrospect was effective, yet simple:

They launched the Retrospec Beaumont 7, as one of the Beaumont lines of bikes, in which you’ll get probably what is the best product on the market.

The Beaumont 7 retrospec brings us a renovating curvilinear design, as well as an unprecedented smoothness for all those ladies who want an excellent bike.

Innovation In Retrospec Beaumont 7

Retrospec Beaumont-7 Seven Speed Lady's Urban City Commuter Bike

Bicycle Sports Beaumont has come up with what they call as being “the Retrospec solution”. This bicycle brings us a second and more advanced model in the safe bikes for seniors offering. 

Retrospec Beaumont 7 has an ultralight design built with steel. This may sound contradictory because steel may be somewhat heavy compared to aluminum. But we were proven wrong when we tested the bike.

This product brings us the lightness and durability that is required for a woman.

This comfort bicycle made for seniors and can be used by younger women has seven speeds. These provide much more than enough variety to cover all the needs you want. It is good to use the appropriate speed during pedaling, keeping you in full control of the ride. You can choose lower speeds for faster riding and higher speed for uphills.

Many adults often complain about their rigid and hard bicycles at times, but the Retrospec Beaumont does not have that problem.

Its seat is very soft as well as adaptable and makes it a great recumbent bike

The presentation model of this bicycle comes with three different sizes, approximately 38, 42, and 44 centimeters, so it is small while being perfect for women.

Retrospec Beaumont is a nice bicycle for women and adults, respectively, either for its curved and beautiful model or for its smoothness in riding from one point to another.

It comes in different colors, such as which black, black/white, pink blush, coolment, eggshell, and olive green; they are very attractive and picturesque colors for many people.

More than 90% of its construction is made by hand. It is very well reinforced, welded at each end to ensure outmost safety when pedaling. 

With all these benefits mentioned, it also has a very accessible price in the market. More than 80% categorized it with 4 out of 5 stars at the purchase level.

Benefit Factors of The Retrospec Beaumont 7

Factors That Benefit The Retrospec Beaumont 7

The factors that benefit one of the most advanced bike for seniors is that their design is unique in the market. It has such curvatures in its frame that makes one think “innovation”.

Beaumont cycles went for durability this time around. There are no doubts focused on this matter since the manufacturer uses the best properties of steel. It does make a real difference when compared to aluminum bicycles is that it is resistant and, let’s say it, more noticeable at all times. Your friends will definitely see you from far away.

It has unmatched traction to prevent injuries due to falls, sudden braking, or minor accidents in general with the bicycle. The score table shows that it has more than 90% in duration reliability.

It has 700x35c Kenda tires that adapt to any surface at ground level giving us a very safe and smooth ride at all times. You may  now think that you do not want to waste any more time and route your purchase the Retrospec Beaumont 7 through Amazon. But read on.

Advantages Of The Retrospec Beaumont 7

  • Excellent smoothness and traction in front and rear lines
  • Guaranteed softness in your seat
  • Stability
  • Built with the best products
  • Disadvantages:
  • It may be very heavy for many people.
  • It can be limiting for people over 6 feet tall.
  • Its seat-handlebar separation may be very large.
  • It may feel a bit heavy at first, but you’ll see you’ll get used to it.

The Retrospec Beaumont 7 is ideal if you need a bike for a family day trip, simple and smooth transportation around your neighborhood, or a short trip from end to end.

Frequent questions (FAQ)

1. Is it a bike for seniors?

Yes, it is dedicated to this aspect, for them and even for people who want softness, control, and security in each pedaling.

2. What size do you recommend?

It all depends on your height, so you should contact the server before your purchase.

3. How Do I Assemble It?

Yes. After the purchase, you will have at your disposal a very detailed guide for easy assembly at home, follow the steps to the letter and enjoy your Retrospec Beaumont 7.

4. Are The Tires Narrow To Travel On Dirt Roads?

Yes, avoid these places.

5. How Much Does The Bike Weigh?

35 pounds approximately.

6. Do you have space for a basket?

Yes, of course, in the main part, you can add one or even in the back.


Retrospec brought us a bicycle for young and older people in general. This bike is mostly for cyclers who want comfort when they move. On this occasion, we think they have hit the spot in the sense of softness, control, and firmness that every person is looking for.

It has a curvilinear design very beneficial for its displacement, its tires may be somewhat limiting for having problems in rustic areas, so its use in squares, streets, avenues or any paved surface.

The size is very limiting, so your purchase is for a specific audience, do not hesitate to check its layout and frequently asked questions regarding which size is ideal for your height.

It is completely accessible to everyone; it has a very tentative price, so it makes it a perfect bike for seniors as found in the current market.

Speak soon at bikes Guider.

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