Diamondback Mason Introduction

With the increasing number of mountain bikes designed for this particular kind of riding, the Diamondback Mason Comp Plus Complete Mountain Bike is a refreshing and all-mountain riding solution for biking aficionados.

This is a perfect choice for anyone who needs to explore all the hilly and steep terrains. It is undoubtedly favorite to the lone rider with innovation and forward-thinking at the epitome. This is possibly reflected by the features of this bicycle.

Diamondback Mason Comp Plus Review

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Just to mention, this bike has been outfitted with 27.5 plus tires and boost hub spacing. This makes it a faster slack hardtail. Turning to the frame geometry, it has been kept quick and stable. It is a bike you can maneuver through a bumpy terrain as well as flick around with ease. Talk of its three-inch tires which sticks like glue to the trail especially at low air pressures. It is the latest iteration of the Diamondback Mason with a plush and responsive riding experience that encourages you to test your limits. Check Diamondback Mason review to know more about this all-around mountain bike.

Overview of Diamondback Mason comp Hardtail MTB

Frame Size Small – 15.5″ / Medium – 17″ / Large – 19″ / XLarge – 21″
Frame Material Double-butted aluminum frame
Bike Type Hardtail frame
Speed 11-speed gear
Brakes Level T hydraulic disc brake
Wheel Size 27.5+ inch
Rating 8.8/10
Brand Diamondback
Pros 95% assembled, Dropper post, 130mm travel fork, Quality components
Cons No water bottle available
Summary All around hardtail mountain bike to rule any terrain.
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Who is the Diamondback Mason designed for?

  • The Diamondback Mason has an impeccable frame and great parts. So to say, it is a killer hardtail bike that comes at a great price. This makes it a perfect choice for mountain riding enthusiasts.
  • The inclusion of high-end features for a hardtail mountain bike makes it a good choice for those trying to test their mountain riding limits. Conquer high trails and soak up the undulating twisting trails with this bike.
  • Just like other hardtail Diamondback bicycles, it comes in four size clusters. This helps in identifying your best fit based on individual height.
  • Small sizes (15.5”) and medium (17”) are perfect for riders of height 5.4 – 5.7” and 5.7” – 5.10” respectively.
  • Large (19”) and extra-large (21”) models suit riders of heights 5.10” – 6.1” and 6.1 – 6.4” respectively.

Feature Details Of Diamondback Mason

Outstanding Frame

DB Bicycles Mason Comp Frame

Cruising mountain and steep slopes never come easy. Imagine going on such a trail with a weak-formed bicycle frame? Expect bends and irregular flow at the end. That said, like other hardtail bicycles, the Diamondback Mason comes with an incredible, innovative and forward-thinking frame geometry. Unlike other predecessors, its frame has been kept quick and stable.

This is perhaps due to the Diamondback Mason 27.5” plus 6061-T6 weapons-grade aluminum frame with double-butted formed top-tube, down tube, seat stays and a tapered headtube. Alongside the frame is an attacked 148x12mm boost spec dropouts with a replaceable hanger.

High-Quality Tires

Mason Comp Plus Tires

Roughing up the mountainous terrains and steep slopes aren’t such an easy task. Isn’t it? Experienced riders will attest that it takes strong tires to complete such a track without a prick. Otherwise, simple tires will give in to brake pressure and bumps among other obstacles. It could also easily skid off resulting in an accident.

That said, with its 27.5 plus tires, you can comfortably tackle downhills or soak up the undulating and twisting mountain trail without flicking. As a riding enthusiast, you should probably know that having your tires with low pressure sticks the bike to the ground. However, these incredible tires work both at low and high pressure.

Utmost Riding Comfortably

Riding a bike over steep terrains calls for undoubted comfort. Otherwise, completing the trails will be impossible. Actually, you cannot ride better with an unstable, narrow or saddle not properly positioned. You may also want to adjust your saddle height based on various riding situations. Riding comfort is also contributed by the size of the bike.

Therefore, to achieve a good riding comfortably, the Diamondback Mason Comp bike comes with a DB Race M-series saddle. It is complemented by the KS eTEN Integra Dropper saddle for height adjustment. There are also four size classifications. Choose a perfectly fitting size.

Wide Handlebar

DB Mason Comp Plus Handlebar

All-mountain bikes need to meet some standard handlebar requirements. This is to ascertain comfort as well as provide a nice grip. Due to the nature of the escapade also, the handlebar needs not to be extra wide/long. This will ensure that you maneuver the trail without crashing on plants or other narrow terrains.

That said, the Diamondback bike comes with a DB35 Alloy, 760mm wide, 15mm rise and 35mm bar bore handlebars. Grips fitted on the handlebar are the excellent DB4L lock-on 135mm Kraton type. With such handlebar dimensions and grip, be certain of a fulfilling riding experience.

Mountain Conquering Drivetrain

Mason Comp Plus Drivetrain

One of the major setbacks of mountain bikes is the drivetrains. Whereas some bicycles have excellent frame geometry, tires, handlebars, brakes and rims, the drivetrain lets them down. A powerful bicycle’s drivetrain results in an easy ride. Note that the drivetrain comprises of various components.

Worth noting are the rear derailleur, shifter, Cogset, and chain. All should be complementary. They should also support the bike’s speed which is dictated by the gear system. That said, this bike has an SRAM GX X-Horizon rear derailleur, SRAM GX X-actuation shifter, KMC X11EL chain and SRAM XG1150, 10-42 Cogset all supporting 11-speed.

Sharp Braking System

Diamondback Mason Brakes

Accidents and the resulting bicycle damage can be reduced by having an excellent brake system on a bicycle. Since the inception of the disc braking technology, all bikes have moved to this new system. It is perhaps the best braking unit due to minimal mishaps. This is what the Diamondback Mason took advantage of.

The bike is outfitted with an SRAM Level T hydraulic disc brake with 180mm front and rear centerline rotors. This facilitates easy stopping regardless of the speed you were cruising in. Controlling your speed on any sloppy trail won’t bring some headaches.

Pros & Cons of Diamondback Mason

  • Hydraulic disc brakes to maximize stopping power
  • 130mm travel fork to absorb shock on rough terrain
  • 27.5 plus DB Blanchard  durable rims with great tires
  • Comes with ReadyRide feature hence 95% assembled
  • SRAM quality drivetrain to cover 11 speed on a mountain
  • Excellent downhill bike for the big guy at the solid price
  • 760mm wide handlebar which is a plus for big-bodied rider
  • Weapons-grade aluminum frame hence strong & lightweight
  • Only one color available for this bike
  • No water bottle available but you can add one.

Diamondback Mason Comp Specs at a Glance

  • Frame: Double-butted aluminum frame
  • Suspension Fork: 130mm travel suspension with Fox 34 float fork
  • Speed: 11-speed wide gear range
  • Shifter: SRAM X auction trigger shifter for easy gear shifting
  • Drivetrain: SRAM  derailleur to cover 11 speed
  • Brakes & Rotors: SRAM Hydraulic disc brakes with 180/180mm dual side rotors
  • Chain & Crank: KMC 11 speed chain with Raceface crank
  • Wheels & Tires: 27.5 plus wheelset with Schwalbe tires
  • Rims & Spokes: Tubeless compatible wheels from DB Blanchard with steel spokes
  • Seatpost & Saddle: 30.9mm dropper seat post with DB mountain saddle
  • Pedals: Alloy platform pedals with replaceable pins
  • Diamondback Mason Comp weight: 29.0 lbs
  • Extras: Toolkit, Mud Guard, Assembly guide & Manual
  • Note: Specifications Subject to Change


FAQs & Answer

Question: Is the Diamondback Mason already assembled on delivery?
Answer: Like other DB bicycles, the Diamondback Mission comp bike comes 95% assembled. This makes the remaining assembly of parts quite easy.
Question: What is the weight of the bicycle?
Answer: Standard mountain bikes weigh up to 35lbs. So this model is 29 lbs. This is to ensure that the bike is stable even at high speeds.
Question: Is the bicycle suited to a specific gender?
Answer: No. Most of the DB bicycles are unisex. The bicycle can be ridden perfectly by both males and females.
Question: Is the Diamondback Mason durable?
Answer: Definitely yes! The bike is made of quality parts with alloy features. This not only makes the bike durable but also sturdy in all riding escapades.
Question: How does the Diamondback Mason ride on full-pressure?
Answer: Whereas you may experience some tribulations with other bikes with full pressured tires, this bike is different. Verified users have attested that its tires perform well both in low and high pressure.

Diamondback Mason Final Verdict

The Diamondback Mason Comp Plus is an all-mountain refreshing ride for any riding enthusiasts willing to explore such terrains. Among the outstanding features to note include its Mason comp plus 27.5 tires and wide DB Blanchard rims. These features translate to a significant traction and enhanced wheel stiffness thus easier cornering.

It’s easy handling and terrain absorbing ride quality are promptly noticeable. Other vital components include the low slung and slack Diamondback’s weapon-grade aluminum frame paired with a Fox 34 float 130mm travel fork. Additionally, comfort is ascertained courtesy of its KS Integra dropper post with 100mm travel. You’ll certainly enjoy the ride.


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Diamondback Bicycles Mason Comp Hardtail Mountain Bike
  • COMPONENTS - 9.0/10
  • PRICE - 8.5/10
  • WEIGHT - 8.8/10
  • SPEED - 8.8/10
  • DURABILITY - 9.0/10
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