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Alex Pierrot – Team member of Pedal 4 Parks

Alex Pierrot’s Biography: Alex Pierrot is the team’s technical officer, co-producer of the film “14 Days South: Over Sea and Land” and endurance athlete. Alex is a tech fiend who currently works as a Linux Engineer for a City trading firm. He is a keen power-lifter and active in the London Financial Independence community. Alex […]


Isaac Kenyon – Founder of Pedal 4 Parks

Isaac Kenyon’s Biography: Isaac Kenyon is the Founder of Pedal 4 Parks, the team’s campaign lead, producer of the film “14 Days South: Over Sea and Land” and an endurance athlete. Isaac hails from Luton, where as a child, thanks to little access to safe outdoor green spaces and lack of educational resources at his […]


Is cycling good for weight loss?

You may be asking yourself this simple question: Is cycling really good for weight loss? Well, let me tell you that riding a bike is a great way to lose weight and great for your physical and mental health. Here are some reasons why:    Cyclists use what people call “the big muscle groups” in […]


Know all the parts of a bike

Each part of a bike has its importance. No matter how small it is. In the same way that a junior doctor must learn to name all the bones of the human skeleton, a cyclist should be able to name all the parts of his bike. If only to make sure he can order spare […]