How to Remove Stuck Bike Pedals – Guided by Experts

Remove Stuck Bike Pedals by Following 5 Steps

Stuck bike pedals can be frustrating especially since they deny you the fun you intend to enjoy with your bike. But such a situation is only temporary and fixable within a few minutes if you have the idea on how to remove stuck pedals on a bicycle.

How to Remove Stuck Bike Pedals

There are several reasons as to why a bicycle pedal might get stuck. It could be that it has been tightened way too much or perhaps due to rust from old age. All in all, learning how to remove bike pedals that are stuck is an easy task, and with this review, you should be well informed on how it is done by the end.

 The Tools You’ll Need to remove or change stuck pedal 

  1. An open-end wrench.
  2. Rubber hammer.
  3. A spray lubricant.
Changing Bike Pedals - Stuck Pedal

5 Simple Steps on Removing Stuck Bike Pedals

  1. Place the bike against a wall or tree making sure that the pedal you want to fix is facing away from the support.
  2. Find out the direction that you will need to turn the pedal so that it comes off.
  3. Use the wrench to loosen the nuts holding in the pedal. If the pedal on the other end keeps turning as you try to unscrew, get someone to hold it for you.
  4. If the normal wrench fails to unscrew the nut, use a hammer to hit it until it loosens. Otherwise, you can use a 15mm spanner which will have a better grip on the nut.
  5. If it still won’t come off, spray it with some penetrating oil, leave it overnight and you will be surprised at how easy it will roll off the following day.

These 5 ideas should help you remove any pedal that is stuck. One of the things that you should keep in mind is that pedals are designed to rotate differently during removal. If one rotates anticlockwise, the other one will rotate clockwise. Therefore, whenever you want to loosen or unscrew a pedal, make sure you know which way it turns.


  • Do not use heat to unscrew the nuts. This is a method used only by professionals since it requires passing an open flame through the pedals. The chances are that you will end up damaging your bike.
  • While unscrewing the nut holding in the pedal, do not exert too much force on it. This could round off the nut and make it harder to remove it.
  • Take caution not to damage any other parts of the bicycle as you forcefully try to loosen the pedal.


  • There are special lubricants that are designed for unscrewing nuts. These are the best to use in coaxing the but fixing the pedal in place to loosen.
  • If you use heat, it would be best if you used a hairdryer instead of flames.
  • Be careful while unscrewing the nut as your bike rests against the wall. You could end up grazing the opposite pedal.
  • Always clean your pedals and oil them to keep them in good condition.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Is it necessary to use a lubricant in loosening a bike pedal?
Answer: Not all nuts will require lubrication. Some may be too easy to come off. Lubrication will be needed only when the nut refuses to come off.

Question: How can I keep my pedal from ever getting stuck?
Answer: The best way to do this is simply by taking care of them. Clean them, lube them and they will do just fine. When they grow old, replace them.


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