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Lukas Haitzmann – Team member of Pedal 4 Parks

Lukas Haitzmann’s Biography: Lukas Haitzmann is the team’s Head of media, an endurance athlete, and the youngest person to row the Atlantic Ocean solo. At 20 years old, he currently studies Mechanical Engineering at Swansea University. However, as a child, Lukas struggled in school due to Dyslexia. This made him miss out on sports and […]


Alex Egan – Team member of Pedal 4 Parks

Alex Egan’s Biography: Alex Egan is the team’s Head of partnerships and also has experience as an endurance athlete. Alex is excited about the challenge as he explains it’s all about the journey for him. Like many, he shares that he has been carrying around the maximum for a few years now, and this journey […]


Sal Montgomery – Team member of Pedal 4 Parks

Sal Montgomery’s Biography: Sal Montgoery is the group’s expedition logistics officer & waterbike sea crossings skipper. She has a history as an endurance athlete specialised in whitewater kayaking. Although she says the journey will be extremely tough, she is excited to get “stuck in” and share this amazing experience with everyone. She decided to support […]


Alex Pierrot – Team member of Pedal 4 Parks

Alex Pierrot’s Biography: Alex Pierrot is the team’s technical officer, co-producer of the film “14 Days South: Over Sea and Land” and endurance athlete. Alex is a tech fiend who currently works as a Linux Engineer for a City trading firm. He is a keen power-lifter and active in the London Financial Independence community. Alex […]


Isaac Kenyon – Founder of Pedal 4 Parks

Isaac Kenyon’s Biography: Isaac Kenyon is the Founder of Pedal 4 Parks, the team’s campaign lead, producer of the film “14 Days South: Over Sea and Land” and an endurance athlete. Isaac hails from Luton, where as a child, thanks to little access to safe outdoor green spaces and lack of educational resources at his […]