6 Creative Ways To Find Bike Storage


      When buying a bike, one thing you have to take into consideration is where to store your bike. Bicycles require a lot of love. They need a space to be stored in where they can be free from accidental and environmental damage. Most harms on bikes happen when they are stored. Scratches, vandalism and theft are just some unwanted situations that may happen to your bike. Even the weather and environment are your enemies when it comes to storing your bicycle. Locking your bike on your fence or on the side of your house just will not do. That is why we created a list of 6 Creative Ways To Store Your Bike.

  1.      Wall Bike Racks

      The most common way of storing bikes is to hang them on your wall. Bike Racks are great as you can customize them to fit your house decor. You can check out Pinterest boards for ideas on how to make or design your bicycle racks. You can also make your own Wall Bike Racks to save up on money. The great thing about making your own bike rack is that you determine which materials will be used. This ensures that whatever material you choose is of high quality or industrial strength.

      Just remember to place your wall bike racks on dark-coloured walls. Bike dirt and grease after a ride might get on your walls and it’s easier to clean up from dark walls. You can also cover them with plastic.

  1.                 Ceiling Bike Racks

      One new thing that many bike owners are doing are Ceiling Bike Racks. This is essentially a good idea if your walls are already filled up with your stuff. Ceiling Bike Racks also does not require you to clean up walls which obviously is very convenient. However, as a rule of thumb, before bringing your bike inside your house, you should definitely give it a wipedown first.

      Ceiling Bike Racks are recommended for people whose houses have high ceilings that can have hanging items without hitting people’s heads. This is also convenient for those who are living in small places. You would want to use all available space and the ceiling is just one of those.

  1.                 Self-Storage Facility

`     Who says you have to store your bicycles inside your house? If you are short on space, like most of us, it is best to store your bicycle, among other things, in storage facilities. Storage Units are a versatile solution to your storage problems. You can store virtually anything that you can’t fit inside your house.

      Self Storage Facilities have a great range of use. You can store extra furniture, old clothes, books, etc. The best part is that you are not throwing them away. You are simply storing them at some other location where they can’t clutter your house. Your bikes will also be protected from any accidental damage that may befall on your household items. Because there’s always movement inside our houses, we cannot avoid accidental mishaps.

  1.                 Bike Cabinet

Bike Cabinets are for bike owners who have the space to spare and are afraid to drill through their walls. They can simply buy or make their own wooden cabinet and store their two-wheeled vehicles in. This is essentially a great way to hide your bikes from visitors. Bike Cabinets are also great as they can keep your bikes safe from harm. However, this takes up valuable space inside our homes.

  1.                 Storage Sheds

Again, this suggestion are for bike owners who have a big enough house that they can afford to have a storage shed. Storage sheds are great as they can house a lot of your stuff like crafting equipment, art supplies, etc. They can be built right outside your yard and no one can know how messy it is because of the closed walls. It’s like your own dirty little secret just how much stuff you can fit in there.

  1.                 Bicycle Parking Spots

To encourage more people to use bicycles instead of buying cars, the government together with many private establishments has built bicycle parking spots where bike owners can park and store their bikes. Bicycle Parking Spots are a great way to store your bikes as it wouldn’t take up any of the space you have inside your house. This is also great for when you just don’t have the time or energy to clean your bikes right away as they will be kept outside. Bicycle Parking Spots are secure and you can rest assured that no harm will come upon them. This, however, may cost you as parking spots, even just for bikes, cost money.


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