Diamondback Haanjo Review – A great bike

DiamondBack Haanjo Overview

DiamondBack Haanjo

The Diamondback Haanjo is a gravel and adventure bike and it is a great beginner bike for taking it out on pavements, unpaved trails and gravel and can be used to carry loads and it is very lightweight and durable.

Designed to handle any kind of road whether paved or not and has a butted aluminum frame for a great balance of durability and comfort.

It has an endurance geometry designed for a more comfortable position that is perfect for rough roads and long rides. The Shimano Sora 2×9 speed drivetrain that helps in providing ample gearing for those long hauls.

Gravel disk alloy fork that helps in keeping the steering in precise point without adding extra weight. It can be ridden anywhere and does not contain any limits and they are shipped 95% assembled hence help reduce the time used to set it all up.

It was built for adventure and has a head tube that is slightly taller and helps you have an upright position compared to traditional road bikes and has a longer and taller frame than a normal cycle cross bike and helps in providing stability and also provides comfort when riding it.

How to assemble the Diamondback Haanjo?

This is how you assemble the Diamondback Haanjo mountain bike first you will need these tools; a multi-tool with a 6 mm hex key as well as a smaller hex key for small and minor adjustments, standard-sized Philips head screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, and scissors.

Now you have to make sure all the items are located on the set and carefully you pull the bike out of the box and remove the safety plastic cups around the bike. If your handlebars are tangled rotate them clockwise or anti-clockwise to untangle them. Then you should tighten the pedals on each side making sure that it is tight at the base of the pedal and the screws are in place.

Mount the front tire

Remove the safety stand at the bottom of the front tire fork in order to put the front tire on and proceed in locating the screw that is appropriate for the front brake which is a silver cap that is connected to a silver wire on the right side of the brake pad and once you locate it carefully unscrew the cap so as to loosen up and have enough room to slide the tire on.

Proceed to unscrew the nuts that are located on the front tire and slide them onto the front fork then you pull the brake pads out of the way and slide the fork onto the tire. Once you are finished proceed to tighten the nuts back on the front tire and adjust the front brake pads by pulling the silver wire tight and hold them in place then tighten the screw back up and you can use the adjustable wrench to tighten the nuts

Slide the front reflector light onto the handlebar and use a Philips head screwdriver to tighten it up then slide the handlebars onto the bikes body if it gets stuck adjust using the rotating screw located at the bottom of the handlebar making sure it aligns correctly with the body of the bike and slide it in place then tighten the handlebars using a wrench. Take the 5 mm hex key to adjust the screw at the top of the brake levers and rotate them around and set them in place.

Perform the following checks

Make sure the handlebars are comfortable and not backward and do not strain your wrists when you use it. Test both the handbrake to make sure that they work properly for both the front and bike tire. Then first slides the light reflector on the seat post and screw it in place and ensure that the back quick-release clamp holds the seat in place and that it attaches in the seat post.

It is a 26 inches mountain bike and can be used for unpaved path riding, rough riding, home riding, and the suspension fork helps you have a comfortable and smooth ride

The seat is well padded and the material used to make the frame is steel. The bike features a three-piece crank and the suspension front fork is equipped with shock absorbers and the weight of the bike is 38.6 pounds and has linear-pull brakes and features a Shimano rear derailleur.

Features of DiamondBack Haanjo Mountain Bike

  • Frame size – Fully butted 6061 T6 alloy
  • Frame Material – Alloy
  • Bike type -Gravel
  • Brakes- Tektro Lyra Flat Mount Mechanical Disc with 160mm front and 140 mm rear rotors
  • Wheel size – 27.5 inches
  • Rating – 8 out of 10
  • Brand – DiamondBack
  • Pros – Affordable pricing, service, and quality assurance
  • Cons – The handlebars are very wide
  • Summary- Excellent bike for people who want to go on adventure trips while keeping fit

Who is the DiamondBack Haanjo Designed For?

It is designed for people who are looking to incorporate a new exercise regimen in their routine and it is one of the most rewarding because you get to explore different sceneries and not get bored

It is also suitable for people who are into traveling the DiamondBack Haanjo is specially designed to be ridden on mixed surfaces such as unpaved trails, pavements, gravel and dirt

This DiamondBack Haanjo is designed for people who are willing to experience a new riding experience because it is hassle-free

Quality of construction and Function ability

The aluminum alloy T6 frame is lightweight and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and the frame is durable and of high strength

Has a tapered carbon fork that helps in absorbing the strain on the road and it is also excellent because it is lighter and stiff

Has 40 c tires has the ability to run on lower air pressure without the risk of punctures from rim pinches

The tires can also grip variations in the rough surface because they have a bigger casing that helps you to be able to turn a corner and have less probability of dropping the bike

Has an 11-speed shifter drivetrain and offers less effort when making an uphill climb

The Diamondback Haanjo can be remodeled according to your specifications. For instance, when u add a set of 700c x28 road tires, it helps the bicycle be stable. It will also be a more comfortable endurance road bike. On the other hand, if you put a different set of bike wheels it can help you keep up with the dropper post leaving you feeling comfortable

Pros and Cons of DiamondBack Haanjo Bike


  • They have nice handlebars
  • The DiamondBack Haanjo offers a hydraulic braking system
  • They are very affordable and are of good quality
  • You’ll find that there is a great range of different bikes
  • They come 95% readily assembled
  • It is lightweight because it has a hand-built aluminum 6061 T6 frame
  • A tapered carbon fork that absorbs strain on the road
  • 40c tires that can grip variations in rough surfaces and prevent rim pinches


The handlebars are really wide and that can lead to trail maneuverability and low-speed handling

Maybe too niche

DiamondBack Haanjo Specs at a Glance

  • Best use – Road Cycling
  • Frame – Fully Butted 6061 T6 alloy
  • Fork- DB SPF formed alloy gravel disc with a 1.5-inch tapered tube
  • Bike Suspension – No suspension
  • Crankset – FSA Omega Adventure Mega 46/30 T
  • Bottom Bracket – FSA Mega EXO
  • Number of gears – 18 gears
  • Brake type – Mechanical Disc Brake
  • Brakes- Tektro Lyra Flat Mount Mechanical Disc, with 160 mm, front 140 mm rear
  • Brake Levers -Shimano Sora ST -R3000
  • Rims – DiamondBack Equation 28h, double wall
  • Front hub – 28h alloy quick release
  • Rear hub – 28h alloy quick release cassette
  • Wheel size – 700 c
  • Tires width – 37 mm
  • Handlebars shape – Drop bar
  • Handlebar – HED Eroica, 7050 alloys, 16-degree flare, 31.8 mm
  • Seat post – HED Eroica, 6061 alloys 27.2mm
  • Saddle – DB Eldorado
  • Pedals – DB 4L alloy platform
  • Headset – FSA No 42 Seal Cartridge
  • Chain – KMC Z99, 9-S speed
  • Weight – 22lbs. 8oz
  • Gender – Unisex

FAQs & Answers

How long does will it take me to get my money back for a return?

The money might take approximately two to three years.

What does one do if the product is defective?

Well, you have to read the warranty statement. If the defectiveness fits the warranty guidelines, you fill out the warranty form and send it. The company will then get back to you in two business days.

Where can you buy replacement parts for the DiamondBack Haanjo?

They can are sold directly at the local bike shop.

Final Verdict on DiamondBack Haanjo Bike

The DiamondBack haanjo is a bike built as a one bike solution and it caters to the needs of many consumers. The geometry on DiamondBack Haanjo can work well on a mountain trail because it has a slightly more relaxed gearing. The alloy frame has the best value and can improve performance on the road.

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