Diamondback Mission 2 Review | Pro’s & Con’s

Introduction to the Diamondback Mission 2

If you are planning to go to a trail or bike park, the Diamondback Mission 2 Complete All Mountain Full Suspension Bicycle is all you need. The Diamondback Mission 2 is hand-built and made for whole mountain needs.

It is a quintessential all-mountain bike perfect for riders looking to check off as many trails they could do.

It is a recommended product for specialized mountain bikes with solid features making it among the best in its caliber. Various positive customer reviews prove the quality that comes with the Diamondback Mission 2.

Diamondback Mission 2 Review
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The Diamondback Mission 2 is equipped with a variety of features making it a great bike choice. Most of its products are not expensive thus highly desirable. Its robust hydroformed aluminum frame, the famous KnuckleBox suspension, and a beefy thru-axle are just but a few solid and outstanding features to mention of the bike. Read our Diamondback mission 2 review below to know more about this great hardtail mountain bike.

Overview of Diamondback Mission 2 Dual Suspension Bike

Frame Size S – 15.5″ / M – 17″ / L – 19″ / XL – 21″
Frame Material 6061 T6 Aluminum frame
Bike Type Hardtail bike
Speed 11-speed drivetrain
Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes
Wheel Size 27.5 inch
Rating 8.3/10
Brand Diamondback
Pros Shimano hydraulic brakes, Dropper Seatpost, Tubeless compatible rims, ReadyRide
Cons No kickstand or water bottle mount
Summary Its quintessential all-mountain bike
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Who Is The Diamondback Mission 2 Designed For?

  • As the name suggests, this is an all-mountain bicycle. It is simply a mission bike. Mountain mission being the case!
  • Like other Diamondback bikes, the Mission 2 comes in four size clusters.
  • The small (15’5”) suits riders of height 5’4” to 5’7”. Medium size (17”) is perfect for riders of height 5’7” to 5’10”.
  • Large bikes (19”) are a good choice for rider heights of 5’10” to 6’1” whereas extra-large (21”) is good for riders of height 6’1” to 6’4”.
  • The bike has all the necessary features to facilitate this. Its sturdy build, impeccable geometry design, sturdy components, and the unbeatable KnuckleBox suspension simply indicate this.

Feature Details of Diamondback Mission 2

Great Suspension

DB Mission 2 Bicycle Rear Suspension

The bike’s suspension is perhaps what wins many people. As mentioned prior, the bike comes with a famous KnuckleBox suspension supported by a beefy thru-axle. This not only keeps the bike solid but also flex-free through all the rough trails. The suspension handles the bumps.

The bike comes with a Float 36 Fork as well as Float EVOL LV rear shock which provides 160mm plush travel. You can imagine the experience of riding the Diamondback Mission 2  through your best trails! Riding enthusiasts who have tried other all-mountain bicycles before attest that this bicycle can’t complete at its level.

Excellent Drivetrain

Mission 2 Bike Drive train

The Diamondback Mission 2 drivetrain is set similarly to the Diamondback Sync’r Pro’s model. Bearing in mind the components of a bike’s drivetrain, its Shimano 1×11 stays silent regardless of being pedaled or coasting. The drivetrain is free from chain-slap and an unusual pesky front derailleur.

The Shimano SLX M7000 11 gear shifting is smooth and light to touch. Starting from the chain to the rear derailleur, the Diamondback bike’s drivetrain supports an 11-speed functionality. This sees into that you achieve the utmost speed as well as experience full mountain riding experience.

Wide Handlebar

DB Mission 2 Wide Handlebar

Handlebars of mountain bikes often differ with handlebars of other bike categories. That said, whereas other bikes have a narrow and long stem handlebar, the Diamondback Mission 2 bike comes with a short stem and wide bars. To be specific, they are the DB35 Alloy 780mm wide, 15mm rise and 35mm bar bore type.

This is perhaps an important feature when riding on technical trails. Bumps in paths can knock handlebars off your hands. Therefore, with such added leverage and wide bars, even small riders enjoy to the utmost. Mountainous trails often involve little plants. Therefore, maneuvering between trees will take some little practice.


Perfect Weight and Quality

If you are a fast rider and willing to take chances, you need to ascertain that you have a bike that allows so. Light and poor-quality bikes may not handle such abuse. That said, the Mission 2 being just under 32 pounds is no featherweight. With such a weight, you will be able to maintain a steady ride at any speed.

The bike also has a solid build. This means that the Diamond mission bike crashes as much as it rides. Some of the factors contributing to this build include the stiff Easton wheels, wise selection of solid components and its KnuckleBox suspension.


Dropper Post

Dropper posts is an important feature of any mountain bike. This feature allows you to alter the height of the bike’s saddle at your will. Dropping the saddle often comes in handy when you plan on getting quite aggressive. Being a mountain bike, such instances won’t miss out.

There are times you need to get comfy in preparation for the incoming terrain. In such instances, you need to adjust the saddle to suit your cycling requirements. That said, the Mission 2 dropper post is the conventional KS LEV Integra Dropper. It also comes with a Southpaw Remote Lever.

Alloy Pedals

DB Mission 2 pedals

Pedals are perhaps among the main controlling aspects of a bike. Without the pedals, how would you ride? By pedaling, you provide the foot power required to steer the bicycle. It is therefore of essence that you get a bike with a high-quality pedaling feature. Without proper search, you will end up replacing them soonest. Some pedals are small and slippery hindering your overall riding experience.

Nonetheless, the bike comes with the DB4L CNC platform pedals with sealed cartridge bearing and replaceable pins. Bike’s speed need to reflect the effort exerted by the pedals.

Easy Assembly

Bicycle assembly is often time-consuming and requires some basic technical know-how. This may be daunting for many people. So to say, it can take up to 2 more hours assembling the bicycle. Therefore, some riding amateurs go to the extent of hiring professionals to assemble them after delivery. This can be costlier.

The Diamondback Mission 2 bike solves this by delivering the bike with 95% assembly done. Better known as the ReadyRide feature, it reduces significantly the overall time and skills needed for final assembly. You will have to complete the remaining aspects. This is however easy as Diamondback attaches an owner’s manual and an assembly guide.

Pros & Cons of Diamondback Mission 2 

  • Easy to assemble the remaining parts
  • Blanchard 27.5” Tubeless compatible wheels
  • 30.9mm adjustable seatpost with Dropper post.
  • 11 speed Shimano drivetrain with Shimano shifter
  • WTB Vigilante Race tires for great traction on the trail
  • The bike comes with the best SRAM DSB hydraulic disk brakes.
  • Powerful hydraulic disc brakes by Shimano to stop immediately
  • 6061 T6 weapons-grade aluminum frame hence lightweight & strong
  • ReadyRide hence 85% assembled reduces the assembly time and skills
  • No Kickstand installed
  • No water bottle mount or cage

Specs at a Glance

  • Frame: Handbuilt weapons-grade aluminum frame
  • Suspension Fork: 160mm travel suspension fork
  • Rear Shock: Fox Float DPS EVOL rear shock for all-mountain riding
  • Speed: 11-speed wide range of gears for multiple terrains
  • Shifter: Shimano SLX M7000 shifter
  • Drivetrain: Shimano 11 speed drivetrain
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes by Shimano SLX BR-M7000 which stop at a dime
  • Rotor: 180mm/180mm front and rear rotors
  • Chain: KMC X11el 11 speed chain
  • Wheels:  27.5″ Blanchard wheels
  • Tires: WTB Vigilante 2.3″ Race Tires
  • Rims: Diamondback Blanchard 28R tubeless compatible rims fitted
  • Saddle: M series saddle by BD
  • Seatpost: 30.9 mm adjustable with KS LEV Dropper Seatpost
  • Pedals: DB4L platform pedals
  • Diamondback Mission 2 weight: 31.9 lbs
  • Extras: DB Shock Pump, Tubeless valves, Toolkit, Mud Guard, Manual & Assembly Guide.
  • Note: Specifications Subject to Change
2017 Diamondback Mission 2 review

FAQs & Answer

Question: What is the bicycle’s best use?
Answer: As the name suggests, this bicycle is an all-mountain riding bike. Therefore, the best use of this bicycle is riding in mountainous terrains.
Question: Is there any benefit of the bike’s tire width?
Answer: Yes! To begin, the tire width is 2.3 inches. They are also WTB vigilante tires. Tires determine the steadiness of your ride. Therefore, with such width, you can be comfortable with a steady ride despite scaling high speeds.
Question: Any preferred gender consideration for this bicycle?
Answer: No. The bike is unisex. Both males and females can enjoy the pleasure of riding in the wilderness.
Question: How is the braking system?
Answer: The Diamondback Mission 2  has a fairly good braking system. Stopping on a dime isn’t an issue. However, some customers complain of its plunger. It can, however, be repositioned.

Diamondback Mission 2 Review

Diamondback line of products does not disappoint. Since their first bicycle model, Diamondback has come a long way in bringing the best into the market. The Mission 2 is nearly there. Slight changes on some features make it one of the world-class all-mountain bike. However, it has unbeatable features that suit all-mountain riding aficionados.

Its perfect suspension system, aluminum frame, dropper post, comfy saddle, perfect shifter, well gripping pedals and the handlebars are just but a few noteworthy features of the Diamondback Mission 2. On the downside, the DB5 brake plunger has an issue especially when temperatures rise above 70 degrees. The plunger sticks up the front wheel.


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