Diamondback Overdrive ST Review: 27.5″ | Starter Hardtail Bike

Introduction to the Diamondback Overdrive ST

In the world of overhyped bicycles, it is refreshing to know that you can still get a quality bike without busting your pockets. This describes the Diamondback Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike, Green. The bike has been rated as one of the best MTB below 600 bucks on several occasions.

Diamondback Overdrive ST Review
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This is not only due to its hardtail qualities but also due to other physical componentry fitted to the bicycle.

For beginners, and even riding enthusiasts in the mountain riding escapades, you might consider taking a stab riding on 29” wheels, aluminum frames, great drivetrain, powerful braking system, and other features. The geometry of the bicycle has proven capability and a durable design.

The 24-gear speed shifter makes it easy to switch gears. Wide knobby tires provide every grip keeping you confident and in control while exploring your trail of choice.

With the Diamondback Overdrive ST, all you are left with is getting out, riding and enjoying. Move forward to with this review to know more about the great mountain bike under 500 bucks

Overview of Diamondback Overdrive ST Hardtail Mountain Bike

Frame Size 16″ – S / 18″ – M / 20″ – L / 22″ – XL
Frame Material Buted aluminum frame
Bike Type Hardtail
Speed 24 Speed
Brakes Mechanical disc brakes
Wheel Size 27.5″
Rating 8.8/10
Brand Diamondback
Pros Shimano components, Trigger shifter, Great control
Cons Handle grip & Saddle need to replace
Summary Solid beginner mountain bike for a trail ride
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Who is the Bike Designed For?

Features Review of Diamondback Overdrive ST 2018

Sturdy Aluminum Frame

DB Bicycles Overdrive ST Frame

When you come across aluminum, what comes to your mind? High durability? Total endurance? Unbelievable lightness? Certainly, aluminum comes with all these. It has all the qualities mentioned above, and that’s what Diamondback Overdrive ST Hardtail Mountain Bike comes with.

Being a mountain bike, the bicycle ought to have strong and persistent resistance to abuse. Otherwise, other materials could give in to the tough riding conditions. That said, this bicycle is an endurance beast with enough resilience to endure the rough terrains. Even vigorous riders are welcomed. The Diamondback Overdrive ST won’t show signs of wear for quite a long time.

Shimano 3×8 Shifters

Shimano shifters are known to be the best in the drivetrain market. That said, the Overdrive ST equipped with Shimano Altus EF-51 3×8 speed shifters. This combination provides up to 24-speed settings to select one from. Be it going up the hill, down the slope or flat trail, Shimano got you.

When going up the hill, there is a gear set that eases the climb making it easy for the Diamondback Overdrive ST to take you all the way up. Your legs won’t certainly feel the burden. If you are descending, putting the right gear setting makes the ride smooth and easy. Shimano gears are known for their high-standard and reliability.

Suntour XCT Fork

DB Overdrive ST Fork

Would you want a bike that gives you back pains and aches after a bumpy ride? This is perhaps the last thing you wouldn’t want. To mitigate this, the Diamondback Overdrive ST comes with the hardtail version of Suntour 80mm XCT fork. They deliver 100mm of suspension.

To put this in perspective, the suspension fork effortlessly absorbs the discomfort when riding over tree roots, rough trails, and bumpy mountainous escapades. This suspension system keeps you comfortably perched on the bike’s saddle allowing you to focus on your ride.

27.5-inch Wheels

Diamondback Overdrive Wheelset

A wheelset is an important component of any bicycle. Note that there are three bicycle wheel sizes. All differ based on bicycle sizes, intended use, and other features. The 26” wheels are the smallest of all sizes. They are best for trail riding. 29-inch wheels are the largest. They are good for mountain and other riding aspirations.

In the middle is the 27.5-inch wheel. These wheels provide a perfect balance between the two sizes. They are best suited for areas with medium obstacles. They also offer wonderful handling experience and stability.


Powerful Disc Brakes

DB Overdrive ST Disc Brakes

This is among the bike’s favorite componentry. Hardtail bicycles need to have a strong braking system for an instant stop. Whenever you are riding, you need assurance that you are in control of the bike. This can be assured by having powerful brakes on the Diamondback Overdrive ST. With unreliable brakes, stopping when and where you want could be a problem.

That said, the bicycle comes with powerful Tektro Aires mechanical disc brakes which give you that feeling of being in control. This braking system is dependable. They respond to summons resulting in a bicycle’s total halt. The best part is that they work in all conditions.

Sizing Guide

Diamondback bicycles come in varied sizes. This is to allow riding enthusiasts of different heights to find their perfect size. The bicycles come with a size guide which includes the bike’s size and perfect riders matching the heights. Therefore, before ordering one, consider looking at the size guide. The guide is as follows:

  • Small (16”) and medium (18”) Overdrive models are a good choice for riders of heights 5.4” – 5.7” and 5.7” – 5.10” respectively.
  • On the other hand, large (20”) and extra-large (22”) models are a perfect choice for riders of heights 5.10” – 6.1” and 6.1” – 6.4” respectively.


Pros & Cons of Overdrive ST 27.5 Hardtail

  • 24 speed to move faster than others
  • It has 27.5” wheels with durable double-wall alloy rims
  • Shimano shifters to change 24 speed with trigger shifter
  • Comes with Shimano quality drivetrain to ride uphill easily
  • It has a Suntour fork with an excellent suspension of 80mm.
  • Tektro Aires disc brakes for reliable and work in all conditions.
  • Butted aluminum hardtail frame makes the bicycle lightweight.

Diamondback Overdrive ST Specs at a Glance

  • Frame: Butted 6061 T6 aluminum frame
  • Suspension Fork: 80mm coil spring travel fork
  • Speed: 24 Shimano speed
  • Shifter: Shimano EF-51 trigger shifter
  • Drivetrain: Shimano front & rear derailleur
  • Brakes: Mechanical disc brakes by Tektro
  • Rotor: 160/160mm both rotors
  • Chain: KMC z82 chain to cover 24 speed
  • Wheels & Tires: 27.5″ wheels with 2.1″ tires
  • Rims & Spokes: Dooublewall alloy rims by DB SL7
  • Pedals: Alloy Forged pedals
  • Standover Height: 31″
  • Diamondback Overdrive ST weight: 32 pounds
  • Extras: Manual & Assemble guide
  • Note: Specifications Subject to Change



FAQs & Answer

Question: What is the actual weight of this bicycle?
Answer: Overdrive ST weight is approx. 31.4 pounds. It’s certainly light enough for portability yet heavy for stability.
Question: Is the front fork suspension adjustable?
Answer: Yes. The front suspension fork can be adjusted according to user demands.
Question: I am 6.6” right at 300lbs. Would an extra-large work for me?
Answer: Not sure.  As for the size, you will need a larger seat tube to support your height.
Question: How easy is it to assemble?
Answer: The Diamondback Overdrive ST assembly process is quite easy. You won’t spend much time assembling it.
Question: Does it have a suspension lockout?
Answer: No. The Diamondback Overdrive ST has an entry level fork. It is a good starter bike.

Final Verdict on the Diamondback Overdrive ST

The Diamondback Overdrive ST Hardtail is an excellent mountain bike for the price. The bike will take you anywhere and bring you back safely. This is due to the componentry that comes with the bicycle. Worth noting is the durable aluminum frame which you won’t have to worry about breaks. With this, the bike will serve you for a long time.

The seat is quite uncomfortable. However, for some extra bucks, you can get yourself a good and upgraded seat. Once settled, you can enjoy all the other features of the bicycle. Easy shifting brought by the Shimano shifters and overall cool drivetrain, powerful braking, wide tires for utmost traction are just a few to note.

Based on various Diamondback Overdrive ST 27.5 review, it is imminent that the bike is loved by many. It provides the much-needed mountain riding experience.


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Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive ST Hardtail Mountain Bike
  • COMPONENTS - 9.0/10
  • PRICE - 9.0/10
  • WEIGHT - 8.2/10
  • SPEED - 9.0/10
  • DURABILITY - 9.0/10
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