Merax Finiss Review | Multi-Purpose & Fashionable MTB

Introduction to the Merax Finiss

When it comes to choosing a good mountain bike you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to find something worth the sometimes hefty price tag. While it can be hard to find a decent mountain bike under $300, the Merax Finiss 26 happens to fit the bill perfectly.

As arguably one of the best hardtail mountain bikes of its kind, the Merax 21 speed mountain bike is both lightweight and durable.

Merax Finiss Review
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Its aluminum frame makes it easy to assemble and a breeze to maneuver regardless of skill set. Thanks to the aerodynamic design and sturdy frame, the bike can handle up to 240 pounds or more. There are some benefits to be found with owning this particular brand, and if you’re looking for something with impressive specs that will fit into your budget, then this is a great entry level bike. Available in a multitude of colors, 26-inch wheels, and mechanical disc brakes.

Overview of Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike

Frame Size 19 Inches
Frame Material 6061 Heat Treated Aluminum
Type Hardtail Mountain Bike
Speed 21 Shimano Speed
Brakes Dual Mechanical Disc Brakes
Wheel Size 26″ Alloy Wheels
Rating 9/10
Brand Merax Bicycles
Pros 85% Assembled, 21 Speed, Alloy Frame
Cons Not for jumping or a heavy rider
Summary Best multi-purpose & fashionable MTB
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Who is this Merax Finiss Designed For?

  • It’s an awesome entry level bike for those new to mountain bikes.
  • The bike can be taken off the trail, but not for anything too aggressive.
  • The Bike is great for off-road bikers who enjoy more leisurely outings.
  • The suggested weight for the bike is 330lbs, but a 220 lbs medium is suggested for long-term use.
  • The Merax bike equipped with a frame pouch. This is perfect for riders who need a place to stash any personal belongings like phones, iPods, wallets, or keys.

Merax Finiss 26 Mountain Bike Features

Wonderful Design

Have you ever noticed the sleek design that many high-end bikes can lay claim to? Though not nearly as expensive, the Merax does have a beautiful frame and sleek style thanks to its carefully selected components.  The bike boasts 26-inch magnesium alloy wheels. Thanks to how little they weigh, the wheels assure a smooth ride over most terrain. The aluminum suspension fork adds an extra level of control and easy travel, and the aluminum mountain frame is heat treated for resilience. The bike has a total of 21 speeds and weighs about 33 lbs after assembly.

Also, thanks to its frame size of 19 inches, the bike can comfortably accommodate riders over 6 feet tall. In short, the Merax bike is built for speed and agility. Although, while its light design is great for aerodynamics, that doesn’t offer much in the way of stability when presented with tougher roads. Otherwise, riders can expect nothing but smooth sailing and ease of motion.

Powerful Disc Brakes

Merax Finiss 26 Mountain Bike Brake

What’s the most important feature of any bike? The answer is the brake system. The Merax 21 speed bike was designed with a front and rear mechanical disc braking system for optimal stopping power. With Shimano aluminum brake levers, riders can have peace of mind knowing that they’ll be able to break fully at a moment’s notice.

To assure the Merax utilizes its full stopping power, it’s suggested that both brake bars be used and that the braking system is checked on a regular basis to assure reliability. The Merax was built to stop quickly but some conditions, like slick roads and ice, could interfere with that process. It’s important to take road conditions into account when judging when and how hard to break.

21 Faster Speed

What’s a mountain bike without speed? When it comes to putting the ‘pedal to the metal,’ the bike comes with over 21-speed settings. This combination will give riders a wide range of options. Shifting gears is easy and convenient to do because they’re located alongside each handlebar.

Often, less expensive mountain bikes prove difficult to adjust, but thanks to the exceptional manufacturing, riders should have no problem shifting between one gear and the next. Being able to handle the gears so easily goes a long way towards making each excursion all the more exciting.

Durable Alloy Rims


Merax Mountain Bike Rims

One of the things that make the Merax bike special is its double walled rims which are unlike many bikes in its class and type. In fact, most bike rims only have one layer. The problem with that, especially on high-performance bikes is that single-walled rims don’t offer much in the way of protection for the wheels.

When riding over rough terrain, it’s important to have barriers in place to block against damaging debris like rocks or glass. With the double walled rims in place, you can save yourself a good bit of money on frame repairs and replacement tires.

Travel Suspension Fork

Merax Aluminum 21 Speed Suspension Fork

Do you enjoy jumps and riding along roads that would give other bike owners pause? If so then you understand just how valuable a good suspension system can be. Mountain bikes especially need a sturdy suspension. Thankfully, the Merax has an advanced aluminum mechanical lockout suspension fork that gives an extra layer of control and promises a much smoother ride.

The mechanical lock not only lasts longer, but the aluminum makes it lighter and smoother. The suspension fork 80mm is great for sailing over rocky roads and sudden dips without discomfort or loss of speed.

Extra components

I’m sure you’re wondering what other benefits the Merax Finiss offers. The Merax Finisshas many more additions besides its front pouch that makes it more than worth the price tag. One of the main things that that help it stand out would have to be the size of its wheels.

With its 26-inch wheels, the Merax bike is an easy entry-level mountain bike to operate. The Merax Finiss also has Shimano shifters which make it even easier to shift between speeds. The aluminum triple crank and mechanical disk brakes combine to create a mountain bike popular for its ease of operation.

Pros & Cons of Merax Finiss

  • Comes with 85% assembled.
  • Dual Disc brakes for maximum stopping power
  • 21 The speed with Shimano high-quality components
  • Because of its aluminum frame, it’s too lightweight
  • Perfect bike for beginners or as a leisure exercise bike.
  • Frame pouch & Kickstand free so you don’t have to buy them
  • 80mm Travel suspension fork to absorb shock on bumpy terrain
  • This Merax Finiss has a stylish design reminiscent of a more high-end bike.
  • Needed to adjust the disc brakes
  • it’s not ideal for jumping or maneuvering over rough roads

Merax Finiss Specs at a Glance

  • Frame: 6061 Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Suspension Fork: 80mm travel suspension fork
  • Number of Speed: 21 speed
  • Shifter: Shimano EF51 trigger shifter
  • Drivetrain: Shimano Derailleur in front & rear
  • Brakes: Dual disc brakes
  • Wheels Size: 26 Inches
  • Tires: Kenda tire for great traction
  • Rims: Double wall alloy rims
  • Seatpost: Aluminum w/ clamp 31.8 M8*60MM
  • Merax Finiss weight: 33 lbs
  • Extras: 85% assembled. Frame pouch & Kickstand free
Merax Finiss Mountain Bike Review and First Trail Ride

FAQ’s & Answers

Question: Who is the Merax Finiss designed for?
Answer: Because of its size the Merax Finiss is great beginner bike for adults. The average rider is about 6 feet tall and 200 pounds. Though there are many women who choose this Merax Finiss, it seems to be most popular with men.
Question: How difficult to assemble?
Answer: Not at all. Many users commend the ease of assembly even if they don’t have any prior experience. The best thing about self-assembly is that you can personalize the dimensions to meet your height and weight requirements.
Question: How often does it need to be maintained?
Answer: It’s always a good idea to check on the various components of the Merax Finiss on a regular basis. Especially if you’re doing a lot of riding.
Question: Can the Merax Finiss handle trails or off-road terrain?
Answer: While it isn’t designed for heavy jumps or rough rides, the Merax Finiss can be ridden off the road.
Question: Can the Merax Finiss be customized?
Answer: Yes, to an extent. It comes in some different colors, and as the buyer, you have the option of adding extra accessories like spotlights, reflector strips, and so on.

The Final Verdict

In all, there are many benefits to owning the Merax hardtail mountain bike. While it’s advertised as an entry level adult mountain bike, it can be used by anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or if this is the first time you’re buying a mountain bike. The Merax bike can be used on the nature trail or to make your way through town. So, if traffic is a concern, this Merax Finiss may be a good alternative to walking or public transportation thanks to its negligible weight and sturdy suspension.

The aluminum not only makes the bike easy to carry and store, but it also means that it will be extremely durable regardless of climate or use. This Merax Finiss may not appeal to heavier riders or those seeking a more adventurous ride. The important thing is that it manages to get the job done while remaining at or below budget and can be kept for years with proper maintenance.

While the bike may not be fit for high-performance terrain, it certainly looks the part thanks to its exceptional design. The bike handles easily, though buyers have reported that the brakes can squeak given wear and time. Also, the kickstand may sit awkwardly if not positioned properly during the initial assembly.


Merax Finiss Mountain Bike
  • COMPONENTS - 8.5/10
  • PRICE - 9.7/10
  • WEIGHT - 8.5/10
  • SPEED - 9.0/10
  • DURABILITY - 9.3/10
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