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Introduction to the Mongoose Impasse HD 29

Are you currently looking for a 29 inch Mountain bike within a nominal range? The Mongoose Impasse HD 29 mountain bike is, without a doubt, one of the best 29er mountain bikes available today.

Trail biking or mountain biking is one of the outdoor activities that will keep you fit and also improve your fitness level. Again, this outdoor activity also presents you with an opportunity to explore your surroundings.

Mongoose Impasse HD 29 Inch Review
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The Mongoose Impasse HD 29 is the perfect entry-level bike to undertake trail or mountain trail biking. When shopping for the best mountain bike, most of the bike owners today can attest to the fact that the price is among the key considerations you have to make. While the red Mongoose bike is one of the most affordable mountain bikes, it still offers remarkable features and capabilities, some of which can only be found in the comparatively expensive mountain bikes. Why is the Mongoose Impasse HD 29 one of the best Mongoose bicycles today? You may be wondering.

Regardless of the fact that the bike is comparatively affordable, this 29 hardtail mountain bike offers remarkable performance. This may be attributed to the many superior parts and features the bike has to offer its owners. Throughout this review, you will learn why this is one of the best budget mountain bikes you can buy today.

Overview of Mongoose Impasse HD 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike

Frame Size 18 Inch – Medium
Frame Material Aluminum frame
Bike Type Hardtail Bike
Speed 21 speed
Brakes Disc brakes
Wheel Size 29 inch in size
Rating 8.6/10
Brand Mongoose
Pros Large wheel, Element suspension fork, SRAM twist shifter
Cons Big for some rider, No water bottle mount
Summary Affordable 29er mountain bike for the trail ride
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Who Is the Mongoose Impasse HD 29 Meant For?

The full suspension Mongoose big wheel bike is precisely meant for the entry-level riders. With this in mind, the bike is designed to conquer the tracks that are often thought to be impossible for mountain bikes. Just like the other leading bike brands within this category, the Mongoose Impasse HD 29 is precisely designed to offer the performance any beginner would desire. However, the bike also features an appealing design and comparatively higher comfort levels, even when riding it over challenging terrains.

Since you are an entry-level rider, this will probably be the first bike you ever owned. As such, you need to understand that the mongoose 29 mountain bike is renowned for its performance and safety ratings. The safety associated with the bike is further enhanced by the front and rear disc braking system that is both powerful and very efficient at stopping the bike. As you will discover in this review, the Mongoose Impasse HD 29 simply offers a better value for your money.

What Makes the Mongoose Impasse HD 29 the Best 29er Mountain Bike?

Are you looking for a beginner hardtail bike? Then you will be happy to learn that the bike is very effective at what it is meant to do. This may be attributed to the many functional and highly efficient features offered by the bike, some of which are discussed here.

29 Inch Wheels

Impasse HD 29" Large Wheels

Some of the best features of the mongoose 29 mountain bike are the relatively large wheels, measuring 29 inches in diameter. One of the benefits associated with large bike wheels is that they are easier to turn. This being the case, you do not need as much effort to turn a larger wheel over obstacles as you would with a smaller wheel.

This benefit, coupled with the rather effective gearing system mounted on the Mongoose Impasse HD 29 makes it easier to accelerate the bike and navigate through various obstacles on your trail path. The tires used on the Mongoose Impasse HD 29 are also renowned for their remarkable traction. This is particularly important when you are riding your bike on a loose surface.

Front Suspensions

Mongoose Impasse Front Suspensions Fork

If you took the time to review the various Mongoose bikes reviews by its owners on various platforms, you would find that most of them have praised the Front suspension fork feature found on the Mongoose Impasse HD 29. In this regard, the bike is equipped with highly reliable suspension forks on the front, as well as the rear end.

These suspension forks absorb shocks from the wheels as you ride through rough terrains, hence making your ride more comfortable. With time, you will realize that the rear end suspension fork prevents your lower body from the effects of such shocks, while the front suspension cushions your upper body from the same.

An Adjustable Saddle

Impasse HD Adjustable Seat post

Unlike some of the mountain bikes in this category, the Mongoose Impasse HD 29 comes with an adjustable saddle. This being the case, you can easily and conveniently raise or lower the level of the saddle to your preferred riding height at any given time. Additionally, the saddle used on the Mongoose Impasse HD 29 features smooth cushioning. This will further cushion you from shocks and give you a massage feeling, especially when you are riding the bike in rough road conditions.

Dual Disc Brakes

Mongoose Disc Brakes

Just as is the case with any other mountain bike, the efficiency and effectiveness of the braking system is something you need to consider. If you are looking for an Impasse bike for sale, but are not sure about this, rest assured that the bike is fitted with a powerful and effective mechanical braking system. The dual disc brakes on the rear and front wheels offer the braking power you need to slow down or stop the bike fast and safely, regardless of the weather condition.

Shifter and Derailleur

For a comparatively lower price, the Mongoose Impasse HD 29 features high-quality parts by the leading manufacturers in the industry. For instance, the bike is fitted with SRAM MRX perspective shifters and a 21-speed, Shimano TX-35 rear derailleur. And what is the big deal with these names? Actually, Shimano is among the best producers of mountain bikes parts today.

The fact that the shifters and derailleur is manufacturer by Shimano means that they are of the required industry standard. This is very important when it comes to the safety and ease of use on your bike.

Pros & Cons of Mongoose Impasse HD 29

Searching for the perfect entry-level mountain bike is a rather challenging task, especially for beginners. This is because there are many bike models available to choose from today. When shopping for a new beginner bike, a look at the pros and cons of your preferred bike brands will help you decide whether the bike is ideal for you.

This is one of the best 29er mountain bikes under 500 bucks today because it has a horde of benefits to offer its riders. However, the bike also has a couple of downfalls, just like its competitors, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Great drivetrain from Shimano
  • Comes with free kickstand installed
  • Features 29-inch tires that are easy to roll
  • 29″ alloy wheels with quick front tire release
  • Aluminum 29-inch mountain frame from Mongoose
  • 21-speed gear with SRAM twist shifter to shift gear easily
  • Element suspension fork for absorbing shock on bumpy paths
  • The bike features an array of high-quality parts, yet it is cheap.
  • No water bottle mount
  • No disc brake as per latest technology

Mongoose Impasse HD 29 Specs At a Glance

  • Frame: Aluminum 29 inch mountain frame
  • Suspension Fork: Element suspension fork
  • Speed: 21-speed gear range
  • Shifter: Twist shifter by SRAM
  • Drivetrain: Shimano derailleur in the rear part
  • Brakes: Disc brake in both part
  • Wheels:  29-inch large wheels
  • Tires:  29″ big tire for great traction.
  • Bike weight: 43 pounds
  • Extras: Kickstand, Assembly guide
  • Note: Specifications Subject to Change

FAQ’s And Answer

Question: Is the Mongoose Impasse HD 29 sold in parts or it comes assembled?
Answer. Your bike will be shipped in parts, and you will be required to assemble it on your own. However, the assembly of this mountain bike is not a rocket science; with the assembly instructions from the manufacturer and the required tools; this should only take you about an hour.
Question: Is this 29-inch mountain bike ideal for tall people?
Answer. Since the bike has a comparatively large frame, it may be used by tall riders, and people up to 6 ft tall may comfortably ride the bike.

Final Verdict

All the men’s mountain bikes available in the market today, the Mongoose Impasse HD 29 bike is one of the top-rated 29er mountain bikes. To begin with, this is an off-road bike that is specifically designed for use on challenging mountain trails. The mongoose 29 is ideal for entry-level bike riders and is safe for use by the beginners. Additionally, the bike has features that experienced riders will find convenient today. Owing to its quality parts and unique design, the bike is beautiful, easy to control and navigate through obstacles.


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Mongoose Impasse HD Hardtail Mountain Bike
  • COMPONENTS - 8.0/10
  • PRICE - 9.5/10
  • WEIGHT - 8.2/10
  • SPEED - 8.8/10
  • DURABILITY - 8.5/10
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